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15 Trendy Ways To Wear A Midi Skirt

We’ve all been there – scrolling through Instagram, lusting over the midi skirt trend, but not being sure if we can pull it off ourselves. It’s true that we’ve become pretty attached to our mini skirts, but fashion is all about embracing new trends. The midi skirt is actually just as versatile as the mini, and be casual or dressed up, worn to the office, a wedding, out partying or just to the park. Here are a few ways to experiment with this trend.

1. Go large or go home.

One clear benefit of the midi skirt is that it simply has more fabric than the mini skirt – and this means more room for patterns! You can afford to have bolder, more experimental patterns with your midi skirts without your outfit looking too busy, but we recommend keeping your top plain.


2. Combine two trends with frills and ruffles.

Frills and ruffles are so hot right now and are on everything – t shirts, jackets, and yes, the midi skirt too. Get in on two trends at once by combining the two.


3. Keep it casual by pairing with trainers.

If you’re a causal gal who wants to mix things up a bit, wearing a midi skirt doesn’t have to mean bold patterns or frills. It looks just as good plain with a good belt and your comfy cool-girl kicks. Athleisure is still in, girl.


4. Monochrome with pops of colour.

This is a classic look with a new twist. This midi skirt outfit keeps it modern with its tie waist, bold stripes and fruity accessories. This is one to wear if you’re aiming for the chic look.


5. Go full princess with the tulle skirt.

Okay, so sometimes you want to feel like a princess, okay? Whether it’s for prom, a wedding, a fancy party or just because, this midi skirt will keep you feeling magical whilst keeping it on the casual side by pairing it with a plain top.

6. Get in with the tropical trend.

The tropical trend is everywhere, including all over your midi skirt. This fun colour scheme and bold pattern is all about being fresh, summery and girly without being too girly. The lace up heels tie up this outfit perfectly.


7. Keep it chill with muted colours and shiny accessories.

This gorgeous cotton camel midi skirt looks fab with this dark green jacket, but even better with her silver shoes. Whether you go for metallic shoes or a bag, or just for some silver or gold statement jewellery, this combo is great for those who want to look chic but not too dressed up.


8. Get in on the mesh cut-out trend.

If you want something a little different from your standard midi skirt, go for the mesh cut out style. This flirty strip of mesh shows off your legs whilst maintaining the length of the midi skirt.


9. Go modern-floral for something you could wear to the office.

Thought that floral print is always ditsy? Think again. A floral print with a colour scheme of black and blue keeps the floral print firmly to the side of chic and professional. This midi skirt is smart enough to wear to the office, a meeting, or an interview.


10. Form fitting, flattering and fabulous.

Midi skirts are famous for their clinched-waist look, but this isn’t the only way to wear them. This bodycon midi skirt hugs your figure and is sexy without showing too much leg. This makes it appropriate for all kinds of events, whether it be a party, a wedding, a gallery opening or going out to dinner, this skirt is one-size-fits-all.

11. Crop it like it’s hot.

Crop tops with midi skirts always look fab. You can certainly afford to show a bit of midriff when your skirt is on the long side, and this blue and white colour scheme keeps it parisian and feminine, rather than sexy.

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12. Let your legs breathe with a flirty slit down the front.

This midi skirt is floaty and girly whilst keeping it modern with the gingham print and slit down the front. This is one for the girls who want to try the midi skirt whilst also showing off their legs!



13. Classic vintage ditsy floral.

Where would this be without the classic vintage look? This ditsy floral midi skirt is straight from the 1950’s and is sweet, demure and so Zooey Deschanel.


14. Stick with what you know with button down denim.

So you’re comfortable with your button down denim mini skirt… why not try the button down denim midi skirt? Keep it the main article of clothing by pairing it with a monochrome top, hat, bag and shoes. Bonus points if you wear heeled boots!


15. Play it safe with the half-midi.

If you’re the kind of person who likes baby steps, this is a fab transitional skirt for you. The underskirt sticks with the classic mini whilst the mesh layer takes the length down to a midi skirt. Wear it around and see how it feels. If you like it, why not try some of the other looks?

What’s your favorite way to wear a midi skirt? Let us know in the comments!
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