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15 Ways To Wear A Dress In Any Season

15 Ways To Wear A Dress In Any Season

From the cold winter days to the hot summer heat, here are 15 different ways to wear a dress no matter what the season is!

Wearing a dress, for some, may be seen as something that can only be done in the warmest of weather on a breezeless day. Unfortunately, if your live in a climate with changeable weather (as I do living in the heart of England) this may seem like an out of reach concept which is only possible for around 2 weeks in the middle of June. However, with the right style techniques it is possible to wear any dress year-round. Here are 15 ways to wear a dress in any season!

1. With some tights.

The go to and favourite of many when wearing a dress is pairing it with warm tights. This is a great trick and works very well, allowing you to wear your favourite dress year-round without the need for too many heavy layers. Try opting for a slightly sheer pair of tights when wearing dark colours to add some dimension to the outfit, and if you’re feeling adventurous try some grey or autumn colours to really stand out.

2. Try some knee-high boots.

If tights aren’t your kind of thing, another great leg covering trick is the use of some stylish knee-high boots. This is the go-to trick for many of our favourite celebs and can work really well to compliment your overall outfit. If you’re feeling really daring, try some thigh high’s; this will give you both extra warmth and extra style.


3. Over a pair of shorts.

One of the most dreaded moments when wearing a dress is the strong gust of wind. The idea of an unceremonious flash to random strangers can be enough to stop some from wearing dresses all together. To combat this, try your favourite dress with a pair of shorts. A tight-fitting pair of shorts not only keeps your legs slightly warmer in the winter, but it gives you some peace of mind while out and about- allowing you to be more confident when wearing a dress.

4. Add some knee socks.

Mainly associated with school girl outfits, the knee-high sock look may be seen as a little too ambitious for some. However, a plain black, grey or another darkly coloured pair can be a great way to keep warm in winter and add some style to an outfit. This is a great alternative to knee high boots or tights as they are guaranteed to fit your leg while still allowing a small amount of skin to show (depending upon the dress length). They work well with both heeled or flat shoes and can even be layered with boots to create more dimension in an outfit.

5. Under a long coat.

The long coat is a staple piece in the winter wardrobe of many women across the globe; it’s fashionable, comfortable and a great way keep warm while wearing a dress in the colder months. The long coat looks great on everybody and gives the added bonus of being able to wear a smaller skirt as it will cover more of your legs. This season’s go to colour is a beautiful bright red, so incorporate this with a scarlet coat over your winter dress.


6. Layer up.

Layers are an amazing way to look stylish and warm whilst wearing a dress in winter. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but sticking to a similar colour pallet works well to create a cohesive and pulled together look. Warm layers of knits, scarfs, boots and socks over one another will make for a perfect outfit for the winter while being outside for long periods of time.

7. With a jumper.

When looking to layer, a jumper pulled over a dress is a great start. This is a great look for Autumn when it’s too warm for a coat but too cold to bare it all. The jumper chosen can create either a cute and girly or edgy and chic look. The rule of thumb when layering a jumper over a dress alone is that the jumper should be shorter than the dress by at least a couple of inches and be loosely fitting, as it makes for a better silhouette.

8. Make it longer.

Selecting the right dress itself can be a great starting point to insuring the success of wearing a dress in winter. Picking a long dress, reaching below knee level, will keep your legs warm without the need to add multiple accessories or items of clothing to keep warm. Long dresses are very much in style, with floaty maxis in summer and woollen maxis for winter.


9. With a long sleeve shirt.

Dressing for work in the winter can be slightly difficult. Finding an outfit for the business day while also keeping warm can be a challenge. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt under your favourite dress is a great solution to keeping the dress code in the winter months. Try something fitted, without being tight, for the dress and a plain coloured shirt to create a really winning combination. If you do want to try this look for casual wear, a slip dress over a long-sleeved T works equally well.

10. Over some trousers.

A great way to combine the best of both worlds in the winter months is layering your favourite dress over your favourite pair of trousers. This stunning look, which feels very reclaimed from the 90’s, creates a casual look perfect for a day spend outside shopping without getting cold. A pair of lightly coloured jeans under a darkly coloured and loose-fitting dress creates a bold contrast which looks great as an ensemble.

11. Go for something thicker.

A sure-fire way to keep warm when wearing a dress for colder weather is to choose a garment made of a thicker material. Woollen dresses are not only stylish, they are comfortable and perfect for the colder months. There are many style options available for this type of dress, long or short, fitted or loose, making this an easy dress to buy for any body shape. This dress can also be styled well with a belt around the waist or left loose; ideal for casual or work wear.

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12. Add some warm accessories.

When thinking of winter scarfs, hats and gloves come to mind. This is the perfect way to style up any dress while also keeping the cold at bay. There are many options to try when picking your perfect winter accessories. Wool or faux leather gloves and a fedora are staple pieces for the perfect look. The addition of these pieces can mean the rest of the outfit can be kept relatively bulk free while still keeping warm; a winning winter combination.

13. With a thick leather jacket.

Leather jackets are a great all year-round fashionable piece, but are especially great in winter as they are perfect to keep the cold out. This is a great piece to layer with in winter, as the top coat over a jumper and a scarf wrapped around the neck creating a chic and fashionable outfit. If you want to avoid layering, but still wear the leather jacket, find something with some faux fur lining to keep warm but limit on the bulkiness that winter layering can cause.


14. Try some solid army style boots.

While knee high boots and heels with long socks may be great for some, others feel more comfortable with something a little more solid. A pair of army style boots can add some real edge to any dress while keeping the overall outfit comfortable and casual.

15. Avoid outside.

If all else fails and you really can’t bring yourself to add anything else to your favourite dress except a pair of heels and a cute bag, then your best bet is avoiding being outside for too long at any cost. This technique will cost a lot in taxi fare, but you’ll definitely keep warm.


What’s your favourite way to wear a dress in any season!? Share in the comments below!

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