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15 Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt

15 Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt

The denim skirt is one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces to own! Whether you prefer denim mini skirts, white or pencil skirts, this is how to wear them!
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If there is one item of clothing that looks great on every girl, it’s the denim skirt. There honestly aren’t many people it doesn’t flatter or many places it can’t be worn to. And added bonus, shopping for a denim skirt is one of the easiest experiences in shopping history because there isn’t a high street store that doesn’t stock one. Second only to denim jeans, the denim skirt may be named as one of the most revolutionary fashion pieces of all time. Here are 15 ways to wear a denim skirt!

1. With Lace.

Worn delicately with white, a denim mini skirt can look as prim and as proper as if one were sitting down to couture high tea. There is a beautiful contrast between the frayed edges of the denim skirt and the delicate touches on a lace top. Finish with sling back heels for optimum city style.

2. Giving the Cold Shoulder.

Flowy trimmings and peasant tops combined with denim skirts equals star of the summer. Accents and shaping are key to this denim look and the simple straight cut of a typical denim skirt means that you can experiment with bolder tops and accessories to your heart’s content. Copy the denim skirt look below.


3. European chic.

Going on holiday this summer? Yep, the denim mini skirt has you covered abroad as well. Why don’t we just call it the Wonder Woman of summer holiday clothing? Tailor your outfit to your holiday resort with a colourful chain bag and fedora. Consider us beach ready!

4. The ’90s.

Wear your denim skirt 90s style like Bella Hadid. No question the fashion forward model has gone, er, backwards in time for fashion inspiration this season. There is no one we’d rather copy! Paired with a tank top and multiple chains, can you think of a reason why you shouldn’t channel Bella Hadid this summer?


5. With Ankle Boots.

Heels to boot! Shake up the rules of seasonal dressing in your denim skirt with some ankle boots. Totally kick butt and summon rock and roll vibes via classic denim and leather while your tee sports some ACDC.


6. Bralettes.

Bring the beach to the city this summer with a denim skirt and bralette combo. What could embody summertime more than an outfit which screams half Brighton, half London? Push the boat out further with summer 2017 trends of gingham print and a stonewashed denim skirt. And even if you are just sticking to the city this summer, you’ll be bringing your picnic blanket wherever you go.


 7. Ruffle My Feathers.

Ruffles, loafers and polka dots. Wouldn’t typically think this solution would end with a denim skirt. But denim skirts are the perfect way to casually wear all of these things in complete comfort. One reason you should definitely copy this denim skirt outfit is because you can ultimately wear whatever the heck you like with it and still look fabulous!

 8. It’s In the Details.

Brave are those who button up in the front. Be sure to show off the exquisite details of this denim skirt by looking for higher waist lines and versions which are long in length. You’ll be on the highway to denim skirt heaven with this outfit.

9. With a Tee.

Ah, classic tees. Safe, comfortable and stylish. If in doubt, turn to this age old sure fire look. Whether you choose to go graphic or just plain classic, work this outfit with a belt for accessory heaven. This is one outfit that doesn’t need much to look fab!

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 10. Wraparound Denim.

The alternative denim skirt. They do say fashion is the best way to experiment with iconography and individuality. So express yo’ self and try everything, including wraparound denim skirts, at least once. And heck, you’ve come this far, why not go all the way and pair it with something equally as bright and beautiful. YOLO.

11. Florals.

Florals, for spring? Ground-breaking. But in all honesty, the sky blue of a classic denim skirt perfectly compliments the colourful palette of a floral blouse. So beautiful, it would be a crime not to show off this genius look on Instagram. Happy snapping!


12. Double Denim.

Double denim is officially the coolest way to wear your denim mini skirt. Like, ever. pop the collar on your denim jacket for some authentic ‘Grease’ vibes. Top this look off with some sunnies if you’re actually that cool. Recently trending on social media are denim jackets plastered with badges and pins, very 80s chic. Copy this look right now!

13. With Something Yellow.

Mellow your look with a bit of yellow. A yellow cami that is. Sunny Delight in camisole form is the perfect way to keep denim uber casual, so put it at the ‘top’ of your list. Yellow being the unexpectedly versatile colour that it is means it can be worn with blue and white denim. Yay!

14. Feeling Blue.

Have your denim skirt in sync with your top this summer and seek a blue hue that flatters you! Whatever kind of top you favour the most, we guarantee that there is a denim skirt on the market which suits it perfectly. ‘I feel pretty’ will be your mantra this season with another denim outfit you need to copy right now.


15. Sportswear Denim.

Sports meets chic? I think so. Switch up the tones in your denim mini skirt outfit and add some prim soles or trainers, ideal for the many trips to the park we’ll undoubtedly be making in this heat. With trainers being almost as much of a wardrobe staple as denim jeans and skirts, this is a pairing as tragically magical as Romeo and Juliet. Wear with comfort and love.

What’s your favorite way to wear a denim skirt? Share in the comments!
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