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15 Ways To Use Glitter For Absolutely Everything

15 Ways To Use Glitter For Absolutely Everything

Check out the different ways to use glitter! You can apply it on your body, clothes and even everyday items. Use glitter for absolutely everything!

I am beginning to see glitter absolutely everywhere this year. It is taking the world by storm at festivals, parties and even in the house. True glitter is obnoxious and a pain to clean up, but it is such a fun way to do some DIY on yourself or house hold items. Here is are 15 ways to use glitter for absolutely everything.

1. Eyeshadow

Glitter as eyeshadow is a fabulous way to glitz up your makeup for a festival or party. Apply a good primer beforehand and dab on the loose glitter of your choice. If you want it really intense then by a glitter eyeliner (which of course can be used on its own.) Keep the glitter fixed by using hairspray or a makeup fixing spray

2. Lipstick

What are other ways to use glitter? Apply it on your lips! It is another way to make your makeup stand out and shimmer. Apply a clear or coloured lip gloss and the dab on your loose glitter with a finger. Instead of lip gloss you can use Vasaline or lip balm but the glitter coverage won’t be as intense.


3. Hair Roots

One of the newest festival trends is to apply glitter to your hair roots. You can either buy a glitter hair spray or mix chunky glitter with a hair gel that dries. Make sure the glitter is chunky particles as smaller particles can be too abrasive towards your scalp.

4. Hair plaits

Similarly to applying glitter to your roots, you can apply it to the sections of your plaits to make it look funky for a festival.

5. Nails

Glittery nails are a must have over summer and party season. Apply a layer of clear or coloured polish to your nails then dip your finger in a pot of glitter for super sparkly nails. The loose glitter on your skin will fall off as the skin won’t have polish on so make sure you do this over a towel.


6. Toes

Like your nails you can add glitter to your toes for sparkly feet. Instead of dipping your toes use a spoon to pour glitter onto wet polish. And remember to do it over a towel or on a hard floor as it will be hard to hoover glitter out of carpet.

7. Body paint

Glittery body paint has been another trend that has taken over the festival world. Mix pigmented or loose glitter with body oil and apply it to your body with a makeup brush. This is great for your torso, shoulders and face.

8. Drawings

Of course you can use glitter for the intended purpose: arts and crafts.


9. Shoes

Got an old pair of shoes that need a new look? Mix glitter with fabric glue and give your old shoes a makeover. Spray with a water protector spray after to keep the glitter secure.

10. Pumpkins

At Halloween everyone carves a pumpkin, so break tradition and make yours glittery by covering your pumpkin in glue and then glitter. Or you can use a glittery spray paint, your choice.

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11. Wineglasses

Nobody wants boring wine glasses. Paint decorative patterns in glue on your old wineglasses and then pour glitter over. Watch as the glitter sticks in funky shapes on your glass. Remember not to put them in the dishwasher.

12. Candle jars

One of the other ways to use glitter is to sparkle up your old candle holders or mason jars to create funky votive and tea-light jars. Just apply glue where wanted and pour glitter over the top.

13. Phone case

Bought a boring cheap phone case or bored of the one you’ve got? Make it glittery! Put glue on the phone case and pour glitter over the top! Simple. Or you can use glitter pens for quirky designs.


14. Sunglasses

Got some boring plastic sunglasses? Glitter them up my friend! Like the other methods put glue on the frames and pour a loose glitter over the top. You can transform dull glasses into something funky.

15. Picture frames

Sometimes picture frames can be really expensive. So my idea is buy a cheap one and cover it in glitter to make your photos stand out. Place glue on the frame and pour glitter over the top. Silver or gold looks best.

So there you have it, 15 Ways To Use Glitter For Absolutely Everything! Which will you try?

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