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7 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your A-Game This Summer

7 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your A-Game This Summer

Knowing how to stay on top of your A-game this summer is important. Here are 7 ways that you can keep motivation and achieve everything you want.

Sometimes keeping up motivation through summer can be tough, especially when the sun is shining and all you want to do is sunbathe. With these 7 tips, you’ll be at the top of your A-game in no time and making the most of every single day.

1. Have A Plan And Stick To It

A great way to stay on top of your A-game through the summer and keeping the motivation to do everything you want to is by giving yourself a plan and sticking to it. This can be a daily, weekly, or monthly plan, or even all three! Make a list of everything you want to get done, within reason, and make sure you complete that list to the best of your ability.

7 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your A-Game This Summer

2. Time Management

This goes hand in hand with having a plan and sticking to it, managing your time efficiently will get you everywhere you need to be. You can write out a daily time sheet of everything you want to be done within each our or put alarms on your phone to remind yourself to complete tasks. Even just by waking up early and having an early night you will feel yourself being more productive and having more motivation.

3. Volunteer

If you’re a student and fortunate enough to not have a job or work part-time then volunteering is a great way to stay on top of your A-game. Give back to your community in a number of different ways you can volunteer and looks great on a CV. If you’re still not too convinced about volunteering then why not and try an internship and get some work experience in the field you’re interested under your belt. Don’t be afraid to approach companies (politely) and let them know what you can bring to the table, the worst they can say is no and you’ll be no worse off than you were before.

7 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your A-Game This Summer

4. Keep Fit

Try to stay active, it’s easy to turn into a couch potato during summer when you have no uni stresses. It is recommended to do at least an hour and a half of exercise a week but there’s no harm in pushing yourself. You can start small, by trying to walk at least 10,000 steps a day or take part in some gym classes, or teach yourself yoga from home. Remember, it’s all about personal development.

7 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your A-Game This Summer

5. Read Books

Did you know that those who read often have better memories compared to those who don’t? Get all of those dusty books off your to-read list this summer and work your way through them all. If you’re like me and can’t help but buying new books before you’ve finished all your books at home then ban yourself from book shops until you have read everything at home. Start small with a chapter a day and soon you’ll find yourself flying through books.

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7 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your A-Game This Summer

6. Give Every Day A Purpose

By giving every day a purpose, you will never have a wasted day again. Keep in mind though, sometimes the day’s purpose might not always be as exciting as the previous. It’s okay to have a cleaning day or a chill day!  By doing this, you are more likely to keep your motivation throughout the summer and all the way through into the start of next semester.

7. Listen To Podcasts

In your spare time, why not listen to podcasts? You can do this while showering, getting dressed, driving, cooking, any time you want really. There are a whole number of different kinds of podcasts from comedy, political, beauty related, movie reviews, there is a podcast for everyone! These are included with Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions already but you can also find podcasts on BBC Podcasts.

Did any of these tips give you a surge of motivation? If you have any of your own tips for staying on top of your A-game, share them in the comments!

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