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10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

Spring represents new beginnings, and it’s tradition to clean your space to welcome new things into your life. With spring fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what we love in life and what we want to cleanse ourselves of. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

Here are 10 ways to spring clean your life.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism is a documentary about people who decided to give up all of their clutter and travel around the US talking about how letting go of your items can change and enhance you mentally. It’s great motivation to guide you on what you should let go on and how material items aren’t truly what makes us happy.

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2. Candles

The wonderful thing about candles is that they don’t only give out beautiful scents, but they absorb all of the bad ones. Giving off positive new energy and life and absorbing all of the negative old energy. Get yourself a few lovely candles they are fresh and clean to give your space that spring clean feel.

10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

3. Tidying Up

Tidying up is a lifestyle reality series type show that explores a new way of viewing your items, your space, and general tidying. Hosted by Marie Kondo – a Japanese author and tidying expert, this show allows people to explore what their belongings truly mean to them, and identifies what ‘sparks joy’ in life. Giving you perfect spring clean motivation.

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4. Yoga/Meditation

Spring Clean doesn’t always mean literally. The practice of Yoga and meditation, enables you to get in touch with yourself, and ‘check in’ to your thoughts, feelings, energies, and allows you to have a time out from all of life’s stresses. It encourages the flow of positivity and gratitude and allows you to release tension and negativity and spring clean your mind.

10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

5. Running

Running not only gives you something to aim and focus on but the physical act of running allows you to metaphorically and literally let things go and leave things behind, while you open up and look forward and welcome everything new.

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6. Unplug

Having jokes and checking Instagram can be really fun and they give you platforms to express yourself and learn new things. However we’re all on our devices a little too much, and we’ve started to forget and ignore what’s around us. Unplugging releases you from the burden of having to check that text and being a slave to social media. It’s tough at first but after a while, you get used to it and it truly is freeing. You don’t have to completely detach yourself, but things like going to work or class without your phone, or deleting apps, is a good way to let yourself just breathe!

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7. Revise Your Relationships

For me, this is definitely one of the hardest things to do. But once you’ve made those difficult decisions your stress levels decrease and you stop worrying about those petty things you once did. Now is a good time to think about who in your circle do you really love, who brings out the best in you, who takes the time to check up on you, and who wouldn’t you care about not bringing into your future with you?

10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

8. Change Your Diet

Changing your diet can be really beneficial to you if done right. And I do not mean trying out some crazy fad diet. I mean change your diet to things that you love, and that make you happy in the long term. And I’m not just talking taste, how does that food make you feel? Bloated and greasy, or satisfied but fresh. Your mind and stomach are strongly connected so what you eat really does matter.

9. Set Goals

There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing things off a list and saying yes I achieved that aim, now on to the next one. It’s a way of showing we’re growing and improving, and we’re getting shit done! Setting goals give you a basis and a guide to where you want to be and what the shape or your future looks like.

10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

10. Go Shopping

Now this is not permission to go completely overboard, but it’s spring, why not treat yourself a little. Since spring is about new beginnings and new life and new energy, it’s nice to bring a little something new into your life that sparks joy and positivity. Maybe it’s an item of clothing, or a new picture frame or a mug? Whatever it is make sure it makes you feel good and something that represents the future for you.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and new life, and forgetting the old and no longer useful! Tell us your tricks to a great spring clean in the comments below!

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