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8 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

8 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

8 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Is your sex life lacking? Are you in a long-term relationship that you feel needs to re-kindle it’s fire or maybe you have just got to the point where you’re so comfortable with each other that you feel you and your partner need to feel that excitement again?

Well, look no further because today this article will hopefully bring you some tips on how you can spice up your sex life; whether that’s just by jumping their bones out of the blue or taking the time to get all hot and sweaty.

1. Lingerie

This is a given for sprucing up your sex life but speaking from experience, dressing up for your partner works a treat. Whether that’s just wearing a matching underwear set that you just bought from Primark/Pennies that they reveal as they unbutton your again, Primark pyjama top or actually putting on a show for them.

We’re talking walking into the room wearing those heels that add on a few inches and that make your calves look on-point with a little baby-doll dress that makes your cleavage look how it’s supposed to and above all compliments your curves.

Then, to top it all off a silk night-gown so that when you start to untie the belt to show them all your goodies you don’t give too much away too soon. Honestly, you’ll have your partner going wild.

2. Porn

You probably watch this when you’re apart and then later deny it to each other’s faces but have you ever tried watching porn together? Probably not so this is a great way to get you both going and then not so much copy their moves but if you like what you see… What’s the harm.

3. Massages

Everybody loves a good massage; whether you’ve been at the gym or you just feel very tense from stress because your job is getting a bit too much. However, have you ever taken massaging to the next level? Next time you’re lying in bed next to your partner, use some massage oil and start giving them that massage you seem to be giving them every single week as of late.

Except, this time, it’s highly recommend that you should be naked or at least topless so as you’re slowly pushing your oily hands into his back you can rub your body on his whilst also kissing them all over… Get creative fast with this because they won’t be able to resist for long.

4. Scenery

It’s all well and good dressing yourself up like I spoke about before but what about going the extra mile and dressing your surroundings up… Using candles to set the mood, lovely fresh bedding that’s very soft to touch and well, rose petals are really cliche but a great way to show you’re putting in the effort.

And if you really want to push the boat out then have some sexy, sensuous music playing at the same time and your sex life will never look back.

5. Spontaneity

If you’re really looking to surprise your partner then being spontaneous is the best way to do it; you need to get them when they least expect it by still using all your tactics above but catching them 0ff-guard. What about not even waiting until you enter your bedroom?

As soon as you walk through your front door push them up against the wall and show them what you want. Failing that, walk into the kitchen naked whilst they’re making you dinner and there might be a good enough reason your Spag Bol is going to burn this time.

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6. Tension

If you really want to get your partner in the mood, take your time. Stop going in for the kill as soon as you get into bed; get to know your partners body, find out what they really like and what makes their breathing get heavier.

If you really spend time triggering all of their sensitive spots on their body by kissing, licking or even biting and moving onto foreplay before you do the real deal then it’s almost guaranteed your orgasms will be so much more powerful because you’ve built up that tension beforehand.

7. Teasing

This one may be slightly cruel to build the anticipation up so much you won’t be able to control yourself or this might make your sex life so much more intense. During the week you could dirty talk, maybe send a few cheeky pictures or just find any way to show them how much you want them and then when you get them alone you can have a bit of playtime but do not let them get anywhere near the stage of finishing to then stop because if they’re a guy it might kind of hurt.

So, the trick is… When you are getting them all hot and flustered just give them a taste of what you’re going to give them and they will be begging for you not to stop. Until you do and then they will be on cloud 9.

8. Toys

Ending this one on a common way of spicing your sex life up and that’s toys; even just tapping sensitive areas with a little vibrator can make your big O’s that little bit more extreme and different. Or maybe try something that the both of you can enjoy so that nobody gets left out and you can both share that beautiful moment.

Have you tried any of these tips to spice up your sex life? Or have you got some tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below and you might help a couple in need!

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