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8 Ways To Save An Awkward First Date

8 Ways To Save An Awkward First Date

Have you ever been on an awkward first date? Here are a few tips to make sure you save you're next date from getting awkward.

First dates can be great. They’re the perfect opportunity to get to know the cutie you’ve been crushing on, and can be a great start to a great relationship. First dates can also be super awkward, which is not great if you want to be creating an atmosphere of romance. However, if your date does get a little awkward, all hope is not lost. Here are 8 ways to save an awkward first date.

1. Relax

Things are more likely to get awkward if you’re super tense and focusing on making the date go well. Instead, relax and reassure yourself that the person you’re on a date with is a person too and is more than likely a little nervous as well. So, if you feel yourself getting a little anxious, just take a deep breath, smile and remind yourself that it is no big deal.

2. Change Topics To Something You Can Talk About

If your conversation has fallen flat and things are getting a little awkward because of this, try changing the conversation to something that you can easily talk about, and/or can easily flow into more topics that you can talk about. A good example of this is talking about your favourtie movies, and asking them what their favourite movies is. This way you can ask them if they’ve seen other movies that you like, and they can ask you about them too.


Here are ways you can save an awkward first date

3. Suggest Something Spontaneous

If your date is getting a little awkward as the pair of you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, suggest you do something else fun instead. This way, you can pick something to do together, and you get to be a little wild as you are doing something neither of you expected to do.

4. Get Some Reassurance

Whilst you’re getting ready for your date, call or text a friend to be your hype man. They’ll be able to make you feel like you’re awesome, and reassure that the date is going to go okay. Once you go on the date, you’ll be glowing with confidence and both in yourself and the date, and so things will be less likely to get awkward.


Here are ways you can save an awkward first date

5. Match Their Tone

A bit of playful flirting can be fun, and I’d encourage it at the start of the date to help your date relax, but if your date is more of a serious person then it can get pretty awkward if you’re constantly trying to joke with them. If you don;t already now, figure out what kind of person your date is a stick to doing stuff that they will be comfortable with.

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6. Don’t Use Your Phone

If you’re constantly checking your phone, then this can make things awkward as your date may feel like you’re not focusing on the date. It’s one thing to whip your phone out to show them a cute picture of your pets, but it’s another to be texting your friends and checking Twitter. To avoid awkward ‘sorry, what did you say?’ moments, leave your phone in your bag.

7. Don’t Treat The Date Like A Relationship Interview

Sure, dates are a great way to find out whether or not you’re compatible with the person you’re going on a date with, but if you’re constantly firing questions at the them to try and find out if you’ll make a great couple, then this will probably end up an¬†awkward first date pretty fast. Instead, try to steer the conversation naturally to things that you want to find out about them, rather than forcing them to tell you all abut their family, pets and hobbies.

8. Don’t Panic

Silence can lead to an awkward first date. If this happens, just relax and try to pick up the conversation again. If you freak out about the fact that there has been a lull in your conversation and quickly try to pick up the pace again, this can make things even more awkward than they already were. Try telling a funny anecdote, something that your date can bounce off, and the conversation will pick right back up again.


Here are ways you can save an awkward first date

What’s the most awkward first date you’ve ever had? Let us know in the comments!

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