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10 Ways To Rock Your Natural Hair – Black Hair Edition

10 Ways To Rock Your Natural Hair – Black Hair Edition

There are so many different hairstyles out there to rock your natural hair. Here are 10 of them guaranteed to make you look amazing!

Trying to style your natural hair can sometimes feel like the bane of your existence – trust me I understand. But what we forget is how versatile our hair really is. You can try a lot of natural hairstyles which are both simple and comfortable. Next time you’re stuck for new ideas have a scroll through and find your next favourite look. 

1) Sleek Low Bun with Side Parting 

One of my favourite everyday hairstyles. Really all you need is gel (I would recommend gorilla snot) and a slick brush. Make a part down the middle and gel either side. Done. Nice and easy.

2) Twin Dutch Braid

If you are looking for something both elite and edgy, this is the style for you. As a protective style, it will last a couple days and is ideal for a student who can’t be bothered to get up and do their hair every morning.


3) The twist out

If you feel like switching it up and letting your hair breath for once, the twist out style is ideal. It will frame your face beautifully and works with any length. Feel free to dress it up and make it your own by decorating with beads, bandanas or headscarves. 

4) Headscarf Mohawk Curls

An easy-to-do style for all natural hair, at any age, hair texture or hair length. First things first, grab yourself a brightly coloured and eye-catching headscarf and wrap that fro up. This hairstyle allows you to show off your natural hair’s beautiful volume and texture. Rock that thang. 


5) Half up – Half down ( Space Buns edition )

This is the perfect night out style. Having the top section of your hair tied up means your hair out of your face while you boogie all night long. Not to mention you will look super cute rocking it under the disco lights. And effortless but beautiful and edgy style. 

6) Chunky Bantu Knots 

Bantu knots are one of the most ethnic hairstyles for black women. Whilst it may take slightly longer than other hairstyles to do and perhaps a bit more patience, the outcome is 100% worth it. You can do the knots as big or as small as you like and will be guaranteed a cute ethnic look.


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7) Flat Twists 

Flat twists are great for vacation. They will keep your hair neat and off your face, making you look youthful and fresh at all times. Even better, it is a protective style and so will keep your hair nourished for long periods of time (especially useful when spending your days under the hot sun).  


8) Fulani braids 

These braids are inspired by the Fulani people in East Africa. They are yet another great ethnic hairstyle to get done. Perfect if you’re looking for a sexy yet stunning style to last you all summer.

9) Cherokee cornrows 

Cherokee cornrows can be braided with extensions or simply with your natural hair. It is a great style to keep your edges and ends intact. Simply apply argan or coconut oil to the scalp frequently and this style will guarantee hair growth.


10) Goddess braids  

Goddess braids are a beautiful feminine way to wear your hair. Like the other braided hairstyles, they remain intact for weeks. There are a number of variations to the style so pick whichever one works best for you.

There are a number of new inventive ways to rock our natural hair, for every and any occasion. Comment below which look you’re going to try next!

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