8 Ways To Rock A Denim Skirt During The Day

A denim skirt is one of those fashion pieces that looks nice despite the impracticality of its mini size and the tightness of the denim. However, no pain no gain, right? Plus, there are actually so many different ways you can wear a denim skirt to best suit your style. After a little digging and hunting down different outfit ideas, I’ve compiled 8 outfits for you to have a gander at. I reckon that there will be a combo here you’re just yet to fall in love with. Enjoy!

1) Nude & Belted

First up we have this combo featuring a nude denim skirt. To piece this outfit together and achieve a similar vibe, you’ll need a cool black jumper and a belt. Simply just tuck the jumper in, add whatever accessories you like and you’ll be good to go. This outfit would look incredible with Dr Martens for a grungey look or Chelsea boots to add a little sophistication.

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2) As A Co-Ord

Secondly, we have this outfit that features a denim jacket with a matching denim skirt. The closer the shade of the material the better just for that maximum ‘put-together’ vibe but any jacket is fine really. If you have a bright coloured denim jacket why not try that too?

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3) With A Crisp Shirt

This is one of the easiest ways to wear a denim skirt and that is with a fresh white shirt. Whether you steal it from your boyfriend or buy one for yourself, you can’t go wrong with this combo. It looks incredible with a button or two undone and a cute necklace.

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4) Worn Over A Bell Sleeve Blouse

If your denim skirt is a little more on the plain side, why not try a top that has that extra something. Inject some oomph into your OOTD by pairing your skirt with a blouse featuring some cool bell or flared sleeves. The lower the cut, the better any necklaces you love layering will look too.

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5) With A Checked Jacket

If you’re after a more chic, sophisticated look, a denim skirt always looks fab with a checked blazer or jacket. Depending on the weather you can decide between the two for different thicknesses but either way, you just can’t go wrong. It will transform your outfit in seconds.

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6) Matching Any Detailing

Another technique to follow to switch up the vibe for your denim skirt is to match any detailing on it. If you have embroidery, for example, why not pick out a single colour in that like red and wear a cute blouse or jumper tucked into it?

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7) Long-line & Fine

Now this one may require a cheeky purchase if you don’t have this already but it’s a long-line denim skirt. A totally different vibe from all things mini but it looks amazing, wouldn’t you agree? You could wear it so many ways with a loose shirt or a cropped floral top, with anything really. If you have a peachy bum this will look great on you too and really enhance your figure whilst defining your little waist. Go and try one on in the shops and I guarantee you’ll like it!

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8) In All-White

Finally, we have this one-colour outfit which is white and perfect for the summer ahead. You can follow this rule for whatever colour denim skirt you have or you could treat yourself to some new colour-matching pieces. If you match your accessories to the colour too such as sunglasses, earrings and necklace you’ll look super trendy.

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Which of these denim skirt outfits will you be wearing? Comment down below some of your favourites!

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