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4 Ways to Replace Your Old Underwear With Cute New Underwear

4 Ways to Replace Your Old Underwear With Cute New Underwear

With spring cleaning on the brain, there is no better time than now to get new underwear in your drawers (pun intended). We have researched the best ways to replace your old underwear with cute and sexy styles of lingerie!

Underwear. Something that seems like such a taboo topic – that frankly – we do not talk enough about. Did you know 90% of people are not wearing the correct bra size? Or you should be replacing your bras every two years? Or that you are possibly a different bra size in every store you shop at? I bet not. There are so many factors to a bra that you probably didn’t even realise, I mean it isn’t rocket science or anything, but wearing the correct size bra is very important. If you underwear draw is looking a little frumpy, and you still reach for that bra that is totally the wrong size (and you know it), or that bra you have owned forever because, well, “it is comfy”. Now is the best time to update your underwear draw as there are so many cute underwear styles, trends and stores that are rocking our socks right now. Check out these ways to replace your old underwear!

Let’s get those bra-lettes!

If you haven’t seen the new ‘visible bralette trend then where have you been? If you’re a Pinterest-loving-gal or an insane-Instagram-addict (guilty!) you probably already know how cute and trendy bralettes have been recently. You can wear a slouchy jumper showing the edges of your beautiful bralette, or wear a plunge-style top to show a glimpse of your bralette, or if you’re super sassy – even wear your bralette as your top! This is one of the sexiest ways to replace your old underwear!


Stick it on me Bra

Who ever invented stick on bra’s are a godsend, and are every girls lifesaver! If you are someone who doesn’t mind showing your bra straps or doesn’t mind not even wearing a bra at all – you go girl. But those of us who need a little a little help for under our minimalistic clothes… then these are something you need to invest in!


The Pastel-Shade Trend

As you all probably know, pastel shades are this season’s cool-est trend, so who is to say we can’t be sticking with this trend for our underwear? Nobody. Pastel shades are very feminine and girly, which is perfect for underwear. As pastel pinks, blues and greens are typically a very light colour, it means we can wear these shades under pretty much anything! This is a product that is best for ways to replace your old underwear.


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Hot and high-waist underwear!

As winter has passed by, and the only thing we are left with is a food-endured gut and a serious craving for chocolate, I am sure not everybody’s summer body is all ‘that summer ready.’ High waist knickers are on the up rise in many underwear shops right now and are proving why they are such an essential for everyone’s underwear draw. If you not feeling great about yourself, it’s the time of month or you just want to feel that extra sassy – these are your match made in heaven.


Which of the ways to replace your old underwear are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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