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10 Ways To Reinvent Yourself At University

10 Ways To Reinvent Yourself At University

Moving from high school to university is a huge transition – but it is also a fantastic opportunity to create a whole new you! Here are ten ways to reinvent yourself at university.

1. Dye Your Hair a New Colour

That old stereotype that students always have brightly coloured hair is not that far from the truth. If you’ve always wanted to experiment with your hair, now is a perfect time. University doesn’t have rules on appearance the way school does. Nobody will stop you from cutting and colouring your hair however you like. 

10 Ways To Reinvent Yourself At University

2. Take Up a New Hobby

Universities usually have a range of clubs you can join which means it is a great time to find a new hobby. Always wanted to be a journalist? Join your uni’s newspaper or radio station? Maybe you want to try a new sport? Find a team to join!

3. Delete Or Makeover Your Social Media

Is your social media a teenage cringe fest that you totally regret? Delete it! You can make a new page and re-add your friends, but keep those people you never liked in the first place far away from it. It means when you add your new uni pals they won’t see your embarrassing photos from your 14th birthday party. 

10 Ways To Reinvent Yourself At University

4. Remove Frenemies From Your Life

Nobody comes out of school without some enemies or, even worse, frenemies. Remove these people from your life. Block them on social media and delete their numbers. This is the start of the next stage of your life and you do not need them anymore. 

5. Shake Up Your Style

Like I said earlier, universities don’t have rules on appearance so this is a good time to find a new style. Go on a shopping spree and find some new wardrobe items that reflect the person you want to be at university. 

10 Ways To Reinvent Yourself At University

6. Create a New Name Or Nickname

University lecturers are very good at referring to you using whatever name you tell them to use – so if you’ve always hated your name or just prefer your nickname, now is the time to make the change. Introduce yourself using the new name and nobody will question it. 

7. Be Open About Yourself

School feels like a place where you are constantly being judged for everything and anything. University isn’t like that. Express yourself. Embrace your quirks and passions.

The likelihood is that you will find others who share your hobbies. It’s also a perfect time to come out if you are LGBT since everyone will just accept that is who you are. 

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10 Ways To Reinvent Yourself At University

8. Create a Proper Study Schedule

At school, you probably didn’t put too much effort into studying. That might fly at university but it will probably just stress you out. Get a diary or a calendar and organise a proper study schedule. This will allow you to plan your time appropriately so you know when you can go out and have fun. 

9. Travel More

Student budgets don’t always lend themselves to big holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore. If you have moved away from home for university, travel in the area surrounding your new place. Take trips with your friends. Don’t tie yourself down. Now is the time to spread your wings. 

10 Ways To Reinvent Yourself At University

10. Join the Gym

Cliche, I’ll admit, but it’s a good idea! Your uni probably has a gym and, if not, there will be one in your town somewhere. Joining a gym will give you somewhere to let off steam and keep yourself in shape. It will make you feel better after a hard day of classes.

Would you try these? How did you reinvent yourself at uni? Tell us in the comments! 

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