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10 Ways To Reinvent Your Personal Style

10 Ways To Reinvent Your Personal Style

Your personal style is an incredibly part of who you are. It’s the first thing people see when they first meet you, so it’s very important to define it!

Your personal style is an incredibly important part of who you are. It’s the first thing people see when they first meet you, so it’s very important that your personal style is the best it can be! But changing your style can be difficult and overwhelming, so here’s 10 ways to get you started!

1. Think about why you want to reinvent your personal style.

Has your body changed and your clothes no longer fit perfectly? Or does your current style no longer reflect who you are? Have a think about why you want to change your personal style and what you want your new style to tell others. Whether it’s to be taken more seriously or to be more on-trend; have a clear reason before you begin.

2. Find new style icons.

Explore social media to find your personal style inspiration. Regardless if it’s a celebrity fashion icon or an influencer; collect a few images of what you want to keep you on the right track when shopping.


3. Clean out your wardrobe.

Out with the old and in with the new! The easiest way to reinvent your personal style is to get rid of the old clothing that you no longer wear. This will make putting together your new style a whole lot easier. Be sure to either donate or recycle your old clothing instead of just throwing it out.

4. Have a look at what you have currently and think about new ways to style it.

Restyling current pieces in your wardrobe can significantly change your personal style without you having to buy any new pieces. Experiment and combine different pieces together to create new outfits. You might even have some pieces that you’ve never worn before. Get creative!

5. Embrace the brands that fit you perfectly.

There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe. If there’s a brand that you love to wear and fits your body perfectly, stick with it! Have a look at their range and see if there’s anything that fits into your goal personal style. This is the perfect starting point if you’re a little overwhelmed by finding new pieces and brands that’ll fit into your new style.


6. Change up your hair and makeup.

We often forget how much even a small change in makeup or hair can reinvent your personal style. This is perfect if you want to try something new but don’t want to buy an entirely new wardrobe. Change up your hair colour, cut your hair, try out a new makeup trend; whatever your heart desires!

7. Accessorise!

If you want to slowly reinvent your personal style, experiment with some accessories! Accessories can add new colour accents, trends, styles etc. and won’t cost too much in the long run.

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8. Have a look at vintage/second hand stores.

Not only is this a perfect way to find unique pieces to add to your new personal style, it’s also ethical and sustainable. If your goal is to have a personal style that perfectly reflects your unique and one-of-a-kind personality, vintage pieces are the way to go. You never know what you’ll find so have an open mind!

9. Get your current pieces tailored.

If you want to reinvent your style because your body has changed a little, don’t jump ahead and throw out all your clothes that no longer fit! Getting your clothes tailored to better fit you is an easy way to reinvent your personal style. Changing how your favourite pieces fit can drastically reinvent your style, without the stress of buying a new wardrobe.

10. Hire a personal stylist.

If the idea of buying pieces that reflect your goal style is a little overwhelming, why not hire a personal stylist to do it all for you? It’s their job to get to know you and your goal style, and they’ll purchase your new wardrobe without you having to worry. How good does that sound?


Excited to reinvent your style? Let us know in the comments below!

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