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5 Ways To Prove That Jeans On Jeans Is Eternal

5 Ways To Prove That Jeans On Jeans Is Eternal

Jeans are a must-have in any person’s wardrobe – whatever their preferred style, gender or life goals are.

Despite how iconic and widespread jeans are as a clothing item, somehow – in the bright year of 2019 – many people are still scared of combining jeans with, well, jeans. It’s hard to blame them when you remember the iconic Britney and Justin denim look. Still, we have to, collectively, as a society, move on from our fears and embrace it: jeans on jeans works, whether you accept it or not – so why not jump in on the trend?

It was in trend ages ago and keeps coming back cyclically; instead of performative disgust, let’s talk about a way of keeping it fashionable forever.

1. Add bright details.

Many people are turned off from the denim on denim look because of how monotone they think it looks.

In reality, however, this can easily be rendered a non-issue. Experimentation – that’s the key to fun looks and success.

Wear a bright yellow belt to break it up or accessorize with a striking orange purse – don’t be afraid of being funky and loud. All looks are made better when there’s something to focus on.

5 Ways to Prove That Jeans on Jeans Is Eternal

2. Make it contrast.

One of the most wonderful aspects of denim is the fact that there’s an incredible amount of kinds of jeans. Just off the top of my head, I remembered 20 completely different models I saw on my visit to Harrods last week; most people would be able to name numerous kinds of denim fabric – from crushed to acid wash. The coolest of it all is the fact that in 2019 you could find jeans of any existing colour.

So make it contrast! Wear light washed out jackets with black denim trousers; wear pink jeans with blue jean overcoats; wear light shorts and heavy jackets – all things work if you make them work.

5 Ways to Prove That Jeans on Jeans Is Eternal

3. But don’t be afraid of matching it up.

I know full well that I’m contradicting both of the previous points I made myself here – but bear with me.

Contrasts are good, bright details are captivating, and colours are always a welcome addition, of course; yet, sometimes, all we need is some beautiful calm monotony.

Thankfully, jeans are a classic – people will accept an overabundance of denim with open arms and hearts. What matters is how you wear it – and how you carry yourself.

5 Ways to Prove That Jeans on Jeans Is Eternal

4. Don’t shy away from historical classics or different models.

Mom jeans? Fashionable, comfortable classics – they don’t just create a look, they convey a Vibe. Will work well with a heavy jean jacket.

Bootcut jeans? Loud, attention-grabbing and brave. Work amazingly with, well, boots (duh). Allow for variety and difference. Will work well with a denim blouse, or a denim vest – depending on what you’re aiming for.

Overalls? Can both be grungy, statement items – but can also be a part of a cute vintage Sunday brunch look. Will work well with a denim blouse and/ or a heavy jean jacket – and any other jean stylised item you could have. Versatility is key.

The list goes on and on – low rise jeans are coming back now… Historically popular models bloomed yet again and have stayed here for a while now; the eternal cyclicality of fashion stands unchanged – and nothing compliments jeans better than, you guessed it, even more jeans.

5 Ways to Prove That Jeans on Jeans Is Eternal

5. Don’t pay attention to what’s ‘in trend’.

If you like denim on denim – or if you don’t – don’t let anyone tell you what to wear and what to ditch. Someone not knowing how to combine jeans with more jeans does not imply that it looks bad, just like me telling you it’s good doesn’t imply you need to run outside and buy more denim right this second.

Just don’t forget – jeans themselves will stay forever, while denim on denim will keep coming back, persistently, until you give in.

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