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10 Ways To Prep For Uni Fall Fashion This Fall

10 Ways To Prep For Uni Fall Fashion This Fall

Need some ideas on how to further ways to prep for Uni? Look no further, here are our best tips and tricks to putting your best foot forward!

Need ways to prep for Uni and the fashion that comes along with the fall weather? Look no further! It never hurts to look good in something chic and somewhat stylish, whist taking advantage of bargains to feed your personal sense of image. Fall is a seasonal favourite, but there’s no denying its also awkward when matching light outfits with a heavy Fall coat.

Updating your wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean throwing out every item you bought for the summer, there are a number of ways to adapt your look for the Fall using these useful tips.

Wardrobe Essentials

Now if you’ve already packed your shelves with the basic essentials, you won’t have any trouble adapting to a Fall wardrobe, apart from the addition of your choice of boots & a fab winter coat.


Review the Old

A great option when thinking of ways to prep for Uni! Sift through your clothes and review! Put aside anything you have either outgrown or feel as if you never don them on your figure anyway. Be ruthless & you’ll feel much better about the whole affair.


One of the essential ways to prep for Uni. Throw out that earlier reviewed pile! Like before, be ruthless in the execution of this step. Your shelves will be distinctively fresher.

Evaluate What You Still Have

I’m guessing you still have some classic shirts and handy tee’s lying around, because, you couldn’t bring yourself to toss them. No fear: couldĀ  you pair them with a Fall style jacket? Something to wear when the rainy showers hit and you’d rather not get your most recent AllSaints cotton shirt soaked. The aim is to stretch your wardrobe to its maximum potential.


Fruitful Combinations

Pick out the items you saved or have left, and match them up. Based on your current stock, piece together some new looks ready for Fall fashion. Maybe mix muted tones with summer colours.

Adapt & Update

If the desire to go shopping is immensely strong and you feel as though you truly need to prep further- give in and go shop. Add a pair of sleek boots, a few scarves and the essential lightweight jacket or two. The timeless Trench coat is always a delight to wear in any season.

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Don a Feminine Menswear Image

Adapt a summer dress to Fall fashion by slipping on a snug fit blazer over the top. Make sure it nips in at the waist to define your natural curve.

Jeans Evergreen

No matter the season jeans are never pushed to the side. You can pair them with any shade of tee, or smart shirt that you decide on for the day.

Flaunt The Power Suit

Fall means merging soft tones with smart casual fashion. Look at the at the power suit in a gentle light by swapping easy slacks to a smart shirt that screams classic confidence.


Consider Neutral Ground

You can literally play the neutral ground in your wardrobe to your heart’s content. Neutral tones are the epitome of Fall Fashion.

We hope these ways to prep for Uni were useful to you! Let us know in the comments below what other tips you have when preparing for the upcoming school year!

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