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10 Ways To Organise Your Makeup

10 Ways To Organise Your Makeup

Everyone dreams of having an endless supply of makeup. You see the Youtuber’s and the celebrities online doing the makeup tutorials and filming with their glam squad and you’re wishing you could get your hands on all the latest makeup and cosmetic ranges. It sounds amazing right? But don’t forget if you’re gonna work your way up to owning tons of products, it’s a pain to constantly keep everything organised! Here is a list of 10 ways to organise makeup and keep it tidy!

1. Have A Dedicated Area To Store Your Makeup

It’s no good having bits here, there, and everywhere! Find a dedicated spot in your bedroom, bathroom, wherever you put on your makeup, that is big enough to store the whole lot! By keeping all of your makeup in the one place, it not only saves time when you’re getting ready, you also don’t have to worry about misplacing anything!

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2. Makeup Brush Holders

The easiest way to store and organise makeup brushes! Makeup brush holders keep your brushes nice and neat all in the same place. You don’t even have to go out and buy any! Be creative, use an old mug, or the leftover jar of an old candle (you might want to clean them out first though).

Little Tip: If you put decorative stones or crystals at the bottle of your brush holder, this will keep your brushes standing up straight!

10 Ways To Organise Your Makeup

3. Drawer Organisers

If you’re keeping your makeup hidden in your drawers, drawer organisers will be your new best friend. This helps create different compartments so as you can sort, store and organise makeup, not only making it easier for you to find but keeping your drawers neat and tidy too!

10 Ways To Organise Your Makeup

4. Separate Makeup Into Product Types

A simple and effective little trick that will keep your makeup organised always! By sorting and separating your makeup into product types, if you have enough storage you can keep products in separate drawers, such as foundations in one drawer, highlighters in another, mascara, eyeliner, and the list could go on! This makes it so much quicker and easier to get to each product! You can even add little labels!

If you’re wondering where to get the best drawers to organise makeup from, IKEA is amazing!

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5. Acrylic Cosmetic Organisers

These are the makeup organisers you need if you want your makeup on show! Acrylic makeup organisers are made up of various drawers and compartments and are completely transparent so as you can see what you’ve got and where! They come in a variety of designs, so just choose the one that is perfect for storing your collection!

10 Ways To Organise Your Makeup

6. Palette Sorting Racks

Probably the largest makeup products you own, palettes can get a little bit annoying for organising in storage space. By having a drawer dedicated to your makeup palettes, whether it being eye shadow, contouring, or highlighter, a sorting rack will keep your palettes tidy, organised and easily accessed!

10 Ways To Organise Your Makeup

7. Throw Away Unused Or Empty Makeup

It’s so easy to let your makeup pile up and pile up. We’re all guilty of keeping the unused makeup that we’ve got as Christmas or birthday presents that we know we’re never going to use, from family that we don’t even speak to. Throw it away, or give it to your younger sibling! There’s no point in wasting valuable storage space! The same goes if you’ve used so much of a product that there’s hardly any left, the time has come to depart. Say your goodbyes so you can replace!

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8. Makeup Cases

We’re not talking about the little carry around makeup bags we use to take to work or lunch. We’re on about an actual makeup case, that will store all of your makeup in an organised order, if you don’t have any storage drawers or would prefer to keep your makeup hidden in your wardrobe!

10 Ways To Organise Your Makeup

9. Rotating Organiser

Very similar to the acrylic cosmetic organisers, however these ones happen to rotate, making it easy to grab whichever product you need, and keep everything together in a stylish and decorative way! Because this is probably one of the most easiest organisers to grab products, it is a good idea to keep the products you most use on a daily basis stored here!

10 Ways To Organise Your Makeup

10. Shelves

If you’re one for more floor space but still want your makeup on show in an organised fashion, why not use shelves to store your makeup. That way, you can still get to your products easily and organise products at the same time! This is a good way to organise makeup if you have younger siblings who keep stealing your lipsticks, keep your makeup on a higher shelf so they can’t reach!

10 Ways To Organise Your Makeup

Do you know any other tips or ways that will keep your makeup organised? Tell us your ideas in the comments section!

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