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7 Ways To Meet New People At University

7 Ways To Meet New People At University

If you're looking for some ways to meet new people at Uni, these are the best places to go and things to do around University where you can run into a potential new friend! From libraries, societies, classes and more!

It’s not always easy meeting new people when you’re at university. So many questions like ‘where do I find people on my course?’ or ‘Who will I study with?’ there are plenty of places to find people it’s just knowing where! That is why I have listed 7 of the best ways to meet new people at University!


The canteen is where you eat but it is also where you overhear conversations and it is a great place to interact and talk to people you may have seen in passing but never spoken to before. Some of the most interesting conversations take place in the canteen and can end up having a whole heap of people involved in an engaging discussion.

University Events

The events that your university puts on are also a great way to meet new people at university. You should make the most of these events and make contacts and acquaintances.



Your accommodation, now this may seem obvious however you will be surprised by the amount of people who don’t actually take this on board. Leave your door open and talk to your flatmates, get to know them they are the people that you live with and your first line of contact should you require any help. Your accommodation will probably put on events as well so you can meet other people who go to your university who may live on a different floor to you. You never know you might just meet someone on your course.

On your course

Your course is the best place to meet people because you are all studying the same subject. This allows you to make study buddies, people who you can help and who can help you when it comes to studying for exams or when you need help on an assignment.


The library isn’t the most fascinating place to be for everyone, however you do meet some cool people in the library. It’s a great place for discussion when you’re in the talking section and for studying.

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When you join a society, you tend to join one that you are mildly or very interested in and lots of other people join for the same reasons. This means you automatically have one of the best ways to meet new people. A society most definitely helps with the transition of moving into a new area where you may not know anyone. It is a great place to start so you don’t feel so alone.

At Work

If you are working part-time whilst studying you will find that you’re not the only student there. There will be others who more than likely go to the same university as you, so converse and talk to them and see if you share anything in common. It will also be useful in your new work environment to have someone you can talk to and share a joke with.


What do you think of these ways to meet new people at Uni? Will you be trying any? Let us know in the comment section below!

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