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10 Ways To Marie Kondo Your Uni Room

10 Ways To Marie Kondo Your Uni Room

10 Ways To Marie Kondo Your Uni Room

Marie Kondo’s methods of organising have been extremely popular these past few months and, of course, we need to get on the trend-wagon as well! Not only a trend craze, re-organising and making your space a neater space can transform your energy into a more productive one, and it can also help you relieve stress. So, here are our 10 Ways to apply these methods to your Uni Room as we know it may need most decluttering and stress-relieving, right?

1. Re-Organise Your Drawer Space

Get rid of all clothing and miscellaneous items that you don’t use and that do not spark joy! Then use dividers for your drawers in order to give them a more neater look and make them more aesthetically pleasing. This is also an easier way to see your stuff and not forget about that favourite t-shirt of yours.

2. “A Clean Room Is A Happy Room”

Marie Kondo has explained numerous times the importance of cleanliness, so making a simple habit such as changing your bed sheets and towels weekly is a great way to instil some of that mindfulness in your room.


3. Colour Coordinate Your Wardrobe

Choosing a colour palette which you love and use on the daily is a great way to organise your wardrobe in a pretty way. This will also make it easier for you to look for your things and save time searching for your clothes as you know where everything is!

4. Use Storage Baskets

One very aesthetic way to storage stuff is using baskets. Wire baskets or knitted ones, they are always a brilliant way to make sure your things are tidy and also looking nice in your room. You can use them for your blankets and even for your plants!

5. Plants Are Your Best Friend!

Marie Kondo confirms: plants spark joy! So, if they also spark joy for you make sure to include some greenery in your room in order to instil some serenity in your busy life.


6. Organise Your Books

Books are definitely something that you’re likely to keep disorganised throughout your university years, so following the Marie Kondo method – get rid of the books you don’t enjoy or use. Organise them by genre, relevance, or even colour and the ones you are removing you can donate to a charity or sell.

7. Keep the Miscellaneous Items On Your Desk Tidy

Keeping your workspace neat is really helpful in order to avoid stressing about losing your notes, pens, or small items. A way to achieve this is by keeping the surface clean and putting away (only the important items) in drawers by your desk, so they are still close to you whenever you need them.

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8. Keep the Lighting Right For Your Needs

Being productive in your room is something that can be encouraged by good lightning, so desk lamps and natural sunlight that falls on your desk are brilliant for doing that. However, if you’re aiming for a better night’s sleep ensure that you keep the lights soft and dimmed before bedtime. Using fairy lights and beautifully scented candles really help!

9. Speaking of Candles…

Other than useful for a mellow dim light, Marie Kondo advises incorporating scents that spark joy in your bedroom. By burning candles, you’re making sure that your room will smell divine and this will definitely keep you happy and peaceful.

10. Personalise Your Space

Most of all, the Marie Kondo key is creating space that works for you and makes you smile. You can make your space your own by making it a certain theme or even just including something as simple as pictures of your friends and family. Overall, make sure that everything around you brings you joy!


Will you be using these Marie Kondo ideas in your own room? What ideas have you got about keeping your uni room tidy and joyful? Make sure to comment below!

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