20 Ways To Make Your Room Feel Like Home

Having a space for your self, to escape from the world, is something we all need. Check out these ways to make your room feel like home.

Having a space for yourself that allows you to escape from the world is something we all need. Check out how to take your bedroom to the next level with these cute ways to make your room feel like home!

1. Candles

Lighting candles when you’re all snuggly and relaxed is the best way to unwind from a busy day. Scented candles are just a bonus.

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2. Cushions And Throws

Cushions and throws are just little extra things that make a room so homely and cozy. Having ultra soft snuggly pieces makes everything better anyway.

Home Decoration Ideas: Cozy Bedroom Inspiration - Different Shades Of Blue, Chunky Wool Blanket, Lots Of Cushions - This Looks Like The Ideal Spot To Spend A Rainy Day... ESRCOLGet The Look:


3. Colour Scheme

Starting from scratch means going wild with colour! Making everything match is the ultimate way to make a room feel just like home.

This cute dorm room is so amazing!

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4. Photos

Having photos of family, friends and pets makes home feel so much closer – trust me.

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5. Cards

Being sent cards is THE best thing. To receive mail knowing you’re in someone else’s thoughts is so fulfilling. Even if it’s just to say Hey!

White Austin 3-Tier Metal Cart | World Market

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6. Bunting

Bunting is mega cute for any bedroom, and adds that extra level of character to spice up your space!

Welcome the magic of the lunar cycle into your home with one (or both!) of these gorgeous moon garlands. Each pendant has a lovely patina that's reminiscent of the real moon's natural shadows. Makes a

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7. Flowers

As long as your room isn’t as hot as the Sahara Desert (like mine), flowers make a room so full of light and colour you’ll be dying to get them in a vase.

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8. Matching Crockery

The true level of adulthood is being able to purchase cutlery and pans, making them match is super satisfying and makes you feel so grown up.

Glowing with rosy warmth, this luxe yet practical flatware set is electroplated in the gold-copper alloy known as rose gold. Sophisticated utensils have slender, smoothly rounded handles that feel lovely in the hand, adding a special glow to everyday dining or entertaining.

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9. Grown Up Treats

Drinking from a lush glass just makes anyone feel like the classiest gal ever.

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10. Fairy Lights

These are definitely a MUST. They’re totally adorable, relaxing and homely and will send you right off to sleep.

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11. Things To Remind You Of Home

Scents, pictures, and familiar sounds will certainly make home feel close, especially if those scents are of baking bread or chocolate chip cookies!

10 Cute Photo Decor Ideas for Your Dorm | http://www.hercampus.com/diy/decorating/10-cute-photo-decor-ideas-your-dorm

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12. Rugs

Cold hard wood floors are the worst things to wake up to in the winter months. Get a  fluffy rug, place it next to your bed, and cozy up!

These tips are awesome - how to style a dorm room and not make it feel like a dorm. Wish I had this five years ago!

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13. Toys

Everyone has a comfort toy or something they just can’t let go of. Keep them, and if you’re embarrassed by them then hide them away when you’re mates are over, and whip them out when you’re feeling lonely!

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14. Wall tapestries

Having trouble filling a blank wall? Tapestries are beautiful ways to jazz up a spare wall and they’re incredibly inexpensive.

Emilia Medallion Fringe Tapestry - Urban Outfitters

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15. Making Your Bed

Being home typically means mama’s going to end up making your bed at some point for you. Making it yourself not only makes the room look so much tidier, but will feel like an accomplishment!

Nice 40 Beautiful Minimalist Dorm Room Decor Ideas on A Budget https://homeastern.com/2017/07/14/40-beautiful-minimalist-dorm-room-decor-ideas-budget/

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16. Keeping The Fridge Stocked Up

Sooner or later you will be inclined to a 4am feasting of food, so make sure you’ve got some yummy treats stocked up that won’t be eaten by your mate’s!

TIP: hide treats in the salad or cheese drawer.

17. Fresh Laundry

There is nothing better than clean sheets and a fresh smelling room. Enough said.

my hunt for a stylish laundry basket // jojotastic.com

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18. Clutter FREE

Tidying up may be the dullest job in the world but once your room is “spick and span,” it’s the best feeling! Then you can just sit back and enjoy your masterpiece.

teens bedroom decor (13) More

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19. Actually Spend Time There

The only way you’re going to love your room is if you spend time in there and learn to looooove it.

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20. Fill It With You

This is your space and perhaps for the first time, a spot you can call just yours. No sharing allowed. Put whatever and whoever you want in there and have it just the way YOU like it.

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20 Ways To Make Your Room Feel Like Home
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