8 Ways To Make Your Pinboard Look Amazing

Pinboards are an essential item for any student dorm! Make your pinboard look amazing with these eight handy tips - success is guaranteed!

Having a nice workspace is vital to students! A clean surface is the perfect place to sort out your jumbled thoughts and school-based anxieties. If you want to make your pinboard look amazing, check out these eight easy ways to do it!

1. Lights

Make your pinboard look great with a string of fairy lights! This will create a nice, warm glow around your desk and encourage a calm vibe to fill your room when the sun begins to set. You can also choose from golden tones to rainbow LED lights to make your desk stand out.

8 Ways To Make Your Pinboard Look Amazing

2. Colourful notices

If you’re sick of looking at boring, white notices to remind you of due dates and events, why not swap them out for some coloured sheets? This will infuse your personality into your pinboard and ultimately make your room look like a happier and brighter place! Try out ruby red and sapphire blue cardboards to give your board a contrasting, yet vibrant look.

3. Shelving

If you’re a busy, yet organised student, you might want some shelves on your pinboard! This is a great way to stack books and notices. It also gives you a little more room for decoration. So, if you have a new cactus that is ready to be displayed, or a photo you really want framed, why not shelve it atop your new pinboard?

8 Ways To Make Your Pinboard Look Amazing

4. Inspirational quotes

Do you find yourself looking for motivation? School can get stressful—especially around exam time! Print out some inspirational quotes from your favourite popular culture character or celebrity to start your day the right way, and end it feeling satisfied. A great idea is to print these out in colour and make a collage out of them all. This way, you’ll have an almost endless source of inspiration. You can also change up and swap out your quotes whenever you want!

5. Shapes

Your pinboard doesn’t have to be traditionally square or brown. Why not shop for something a little more innovative? Circular or hexagonal boards will make your workspace look more modern. It might also create more space for you to pin important notices against! You have the choice to shop for one large pinboard, or a dozen of smaller ones you can connect together. It’s all up to how you want your room to look!

8 Ways To Make Your Pinboard Look Amazing

6. Patterns

Why purchase a wooden board when you can display something felt and patterned? This will make your room look more stylish. Look out for blocked and squiggly patterns and contrasting colours to liven up your study space a little more. This will also draw your eye to your important university notices so that you don’t forget about them!

8 Ways To Make Your Pinboard Look Amazing

7. Polaroids

There’s nothing better than making your pinboard stand out by pinning your favourite polaroids against its surface! Select from your favourite photos of your friends and family to remind you of the freedoms of summer holidays. You can pin these in the middle of your board or run them down its panels for a more interesting effect! If you don’t own a polaroid camera, normal print outs look just as cute!

8. Fun pins

To make your pinboard look complete, you’re going to need some tacks! This way, you’ll actually be able to pin things up and remember them! Why not take a fun approach here and buy or design some fun tacks? This will make your pinboard look fun while still being effective. You can choose from a range of cute smiley-faced pins, ones that are heart-shaped, or tacks that resemble your favourite Lego characters! The choice is all yours.

8 Ways To Make Your Pinboard Look Amazing

Did you find a way to make your pinboard look amazing? Let us know down in the comments!

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