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10 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Extra Cosy

10 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Extra Cosy

Want to make your dorm room the cosiest it can be and feel like home? Check out these 10 tips to make your dorm extra cosy!

Your dorm room is only yours for a certain amount of time, but that’s no reason not to make yourself at home and turn it into a space that you feel comfortable in. As they say, a cosy dorm is the perfect dorm. To make your room as cosy as it could possibly be, here are 10 ways to make your dorm room extra cosy and just like home!

1. Rugs

Being cosy starts from the ground up, so purchase a soft rug for your dorm room floor. It can get pretty cold in the mornings, so you want to put your feet on something warm and comfy instead of the chilly floor. A fuzzy rug is a great way to go, or a faux fur rug would do just as well. Or add a splash of colour by purchasing a Persian rug!

2. Curtains

To add a little privacy to your dorm room and create a cosy setting, invest in some cute curtains to pop onto your windows. Especially in the winter time, curtains that are made from a heavy material can help to keep out the cold and create more of a ‘cosy’ atmosphere in your room.


3. Bed Sheets

What’s the cosiest place in your dorm room? Your bed; the place to snuggle up with your laptop and some snacks, the place that dreams are made of. Buying flannel bedsheets means you stay warm and toasty without having mountains of extra blankets on top of you, making you uncomfortable. There are so many cute bed sets to choose from as well, so you’re bound to find one that fits your style!

4. Throw Pillows

Pillows are a great way to create a cosy vibe in your dorm room! There’s just something about a collection of throw pillows on your bed or couch that is so inviting. They make movie night extra comfy! Grab some throw pillows of different sizes and patterns to create a matching mosaic effect, and snuggle on down!

5. Wall Decorations

Your dorm room is the place to really let your creativity shine and let people know what you’re all about. Let your wall speak for you by hanging decorations on your wall that are a reflection of you. Pictures of home and the things that you love will make you feel so cosy and happy. Hanging up polaroids, small mirrors and tapestries can make your room look super homey and comfortable as well.


6. Plants

When you think of making your room extra cosy, you don’t automatically think of adding plants. But by adding a live houseplant to your dorm room, or even just a vase of flowers to your desk, you’re adding a slice of nature, and with that, a cosy, organic vibe. They make the room look more lived in, more homey and comfortable, which is what you want when you’re trying to get cosy!

7. Speaker

Every dorm room needs a speaker. That’s just fact. When you need something to help you study, or you’re in a cosy mood and want some music that amps up the cosiness, a speaker can help with that. A Bluetooth speaker is especially handy, and can be purchased everywhere that speakers are sold, so you don’t have to be without one. Get those cosy tunes pumping!

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8. Comfortable and Organised Desk

Believe it or not, an organised space can really help to put you at ease and make you feel more comfortable in your dorm room. Even if you’re a strong believer of ‘a messy desk means a creative mind’, there’s just something about a tidy, organised desk that just makes your whole room look more appealing and cosy. Especially when you’re trying to study, an organised desk, and a comfortable one at that, can really help you get into that cosy study zone.

9. Warm Lights

Warm lights remind me of Christmas time and fireplaces and being cuddled up with a hot chocolate; aka cosiness. Buy stringing up warm fairy lights around your room, you’re creating a beautiful cosy vibe that will get all your dorm mates all huddled on your bed with you watching your favourite Netflix show. It’s amazing what warm fairy lights can do to set the mood!

10. Candles

Last but not least, candles are just the cosiest of the cosy when it comes to creating a comfy atmosphere. You want a relaxing bath? Light a candle. Planning a romantic evening? Light a few candles. Trying to make your dorm room more cosy? Light ’em all up, baby! Candles, especially of the scented variety, are the perfect way to reach maximum cosiness in your small dorm room. A comforting home away from home.


By combining all of these techniques, you’ll have the cosiest dorm room anyone’s ever seen! Let us know how you make your dorm room super cosy and comfortable in the comments below!

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