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10 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Personal

It’s not up for debate that your bedroom is the best place to be. It’s important for it to look perfect and you should feel like you belong in it. The perfect bedroom will be different for everyone but there are a few things that will always make your room feel more personal.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights at the most obvious thing to make the list but they’re stereotypical for a reason! All the bedroom photos you see on Instagram or Pintrest have fairy lights. Every room looks cute with a string of LEDs. White lights work with any decor and complete the room but with fairy lights in all colours, there are plenty to choose from.

A colour scheme

A colour scheme makes a room more satisfying. Be it purple and blue or black and white, if your room is filled with your favourite colours, you’ll go to sleep and wake up with a smile. Imagine how you’d feel walking into your room if everything matched. It’s a relaxing thought, right?


A collage of you, your friends and family make your room 100% more personal. Stick them straight on the wall or get a fancy frame, photos are a necessity. No room is complete without holiday snaps and group shots. A canvas of some cheesy quote like live, love, laugh would look good too if you’re into that sort of thing. Leaving your walls completely bare is not an option when you want to make your bedroom personal.


One up just having photos with a string of Polaroids.  They look super cute in their own right, it hardly matters what’s on them. If you don’t have a Polaroid camera, there are ways to get your regular photos printed in Polaroid frames. Bonus points if you hang them on some fairy lights!

A soft blanket

Ideally, you need an extremely fluffy blanket in your favourite colour. With a heavenly blanket waiting for you, your bedroom becomes THE place to be. Curling up on your bed with a book or your laptop and a blanket wrapped around your shoulders? What could be better? 


They may just be for show or you may actually burn them, but candles are a must. Sitting in your bedroom when it smells of your favourite fragrances is heavenly. Coffee, vanilla, or something niche like ‘candy canes’, a room with a candle is 10 times more homely than one without.

Your Initials

There are plenty of ways to get your initials into your decor. Have them in your picture frames, on a poster, or on your stationery on your desk, they will instantly make your bedroom more personal. The best way? Probably a cute cushion. 

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No room is complete without that a huge mountain of cushions on your bed. Ideally, you want to match your colour scheme and bedding. A combination of shapes and sizes adds a bit of variation. Like hearts? Get a big heart cushion! You need enough that every night you wonder why you have so many that you just throw on the floor when you go to sleep. Alternatively, you need enough to create a fake person to spoon with (no judgement here but you don’t have to admit doing this!) 

Tidy your bedroom

This may not be fun but it’s a lot nicer to come home to a tidy bedroom than one with clothes all over the floor. Your day will be a lot better if you know you’re going home to a clean and tidy room. Imagine not having to clear clothes off your bed before you can go to sleep. 

De-clutter your desk

While you’re tidying, make sure to get rid of all those scraps of paper than you don’t need anymore. Recycle all those revision notes from your folder for three years ago. Is there an empty mug that’s been sat there for weeks and left a stain? Wash it up and make your desk look neater and organised.

Do some of these things so you can stop eyeing up photos of other cute bedrooms online and appreciate your own instead!

Something missing? Leave your favourite thing about your bedroom in the comments.
Featured photo: pintrest.com
Bethany Pritchard

A reporter for the FA, Media Officer for a National League football team, and a journalism student.

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