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5 Ways To Make Wet Hair Work After An Ocean Swim

5 Ways To Make Wet Hair Work After An Ocean Swim

Making wet hair work after an ocean swim can be hard, but we've come up with 5 quick and easy ways to make wet, beachy hair work this summer!

Getting your hair wet after a dip in the ocean doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Wet hair can actually be turned into some super cool hairstyles, making you ready for any dinner, party or meeting in just a matter of minutes. Ocean hair can easily be turned into super sleek, glam hairstyles in barely no time at all and some of them even provide two hairstyles in one! Next time you’ve hit the beach and enjoyed the glistening blue waves, don’t fret, and simply try out one of these 5 ways to make wet hair not only work, but look amazing!

1. A Sleek Ponytail

Wet hair actually means that you have much more control over flyaways and therefore can achieve a much sleeker, smoother look. Simply comb through your wet tresses and pull them up into a nice tight ponytail; a low simple pony or a super high sassy pony will look great! Not only will your hair look super chic and stylish, but a tight pony can actually make your face look a little bit snatched too, giving you that Bella Hadid-esque look, what more could you want?!

2. Leave It

Now, this is one of, if not THE, easiest way to style your wet beachy hair. Simply leaving your locks to dry naturally and transform into voluptuous waves or curls will give you those effortless, beachy waves that so many people spend hours trying to achieve! Add perhaps a spritz of hairspray or texturiser and scrunch your hair into little balls in the palm of your hand to give it that extra boost and, voila! If your hair is naturally straight, then the texturiser and scrunching motion will help create some loose waves, so really anybody can achieve this look.


3. A Chic Bun

Similarly to the ponytail, simply brushing your hair back into a tight and sleek low bun will leave you looking ready for any occasion. Add a little hairspray if needed to control any baby hairs or flyaways and even add a few statement clips to spice up your do and there you have it; wet, beachy hair to a sleek low bun in minutes! This look is highly popular with many celebs who often opt for easy, simple hairstyles and some even sport the look on red carpets or appearances, meaning you can turn your ocean hair into a super current hair trend in minutes.

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4. Slicked Back

Brushing your hair back over head will literally take 30 seconds if that, and will leave you looking like you’ve spent hours straightening your hair, adding oils and serums and precariously combing gel through your locks in order to a achieve this super sleek and glam hair do. Not only is this effortless, quick and will give you an ultra glam outcome, but it doesn’t require anything aside from a hairbrush! Shani Grimmond, Kendall Jenner and Shay Mitchell are some celebrity fans of this hairstyle and can be seen sporting the look on various occasions, from gym days to red carpets.


5. Any Kind Of Braid

A regular plait, fishtail, French or mermaid braid, anything that you’re capable of doing will work for this look! Simply brush your hair through and add either one or two of these braids to your hair! Not only will this look super beachy and gorgeous, but braiding your hair when its wet will create beautiful beach curls the next day when you take your hair out of the braid; two hairstyles in one!

If you try out any of these hairstyles after an ocean swim or have any other hair tips for wet hair, let us know in the comments!

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