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8 Quick And Easy Ways To Make Extra Money This Summer

8 Quick And Easy Ways To Make Extra Money This Summer

If you are looking for ways to add some money into your bank account, check out these helpful ways to make extra money this summer!

What a summer 2018 we’ve had so far: England are one step away from a World Cup final, Jack and Dani, the nations new sweethearts, are stronger than ever and it’s almost too sunny. Nothing could possibly bring you down except one thing … the dreaded ‘Card Declined’ text appearing on card machine when you try and pay for that third round Aperol Spritzes of the evening, and all of a sudden the perfect summer has become a burning, infernal hell of shame and embarrassment as you ask your friend if they can get this one. But why carry around the burden of knowing you owe your friends a round of drinks when there are so many ways to make a bit of extra cash and really make the most of the hottest summer in recent memory. Take a look at our 8 tips for quick and easy ways to make extra money this summer and start living life like a regular Mark Francis.

1. Sell, sell, sell

The one downside to curating your new summer wardrobe? The fact that it means getting rid of stuff from last year’s summer wardrobe, and the year before that, and the year before that and … well, you get the point. Whether its relationships or clothes, sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is move on, but perhaps making some money along the way can soften the blow! Apps like Depop, sites like Amazon Marketplace and Ebay, as well as good ol’ fashioned garage sales mean there are countless different ways to cash in those Toms that may have been in in summer 2015, but, much like Fetty Wap, have not aged very well. This is one of the really great ways to make extra money!

2. Spread you wisdom!

School’s out for summer. You’ve packed the books up till September and the only reading that you intend on doing is here on Society 19. Except, those books could be the key to your big payday this summer. Though exams may be over, the demand for tutors is high all year round, with parents looking to give their kids a head start with their exams or with preparation for UCAS applications. The variety of subjects is huge, though the demand is highest for Maths, English and Science tutors, and, through sites like Skooli and MyTutor you can earn anywhere from £12 to £30 pounds for an hour long lesson. You don’t need to stop there either- if you’re a talented musician, linguist or artist there’s even money to be made in sharing your skills with others!


3. Monetise your procrastination!

No matter how good the weather is, we’re all guilty of still spending too long on the computer looking at cat videos and browsing the sales, but what if you could make money for all your time on the Internet? A growing number of advertising and market research companies are offering large rewards for you time and opinions, though beware not all sites are as legitimate as they may seem. Some of the biggest and best sites are Swagbucks, on which you can earn around £2.40 per 10 minute survey and Toluna, on which you can earn £15 vouchers for just 4 hours of questions! This is one of the most useful and productive ways to make extra money!

4. Doggie fashion!

Yep, dog walking. In the app-centric, gig economy of 2018, you can even make money for walking other people’s pets, something I for one, would happily do for free! DogBuddy lets you earn money for dog walking and sitting and even for having pooches spend the night! You can earn upwards of £10 per walk and if you get a consistent rotation of clients going it can be a great way to earn some extra money this summer! This is one of the great ways to make extra money, especially if you love dogs!

5. Start babysitting!

Summertime may mean freedom and fun for kids, but for parents it means a scheduling burden and the complicated juggling of work and home life. Apps like Bubble allow you to make some money helping these parents out with last minute childcare and overnight babysitting. Bubble sends you notifications whenever a parent in your area is in need of childcare, with needs ranging from watching a baby for an hour to staying overnight; you just pick the jobs that suit you!

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6. The munchies!

Picture the scenario, its late, there’s no food in the house and you really cannot be bothered to walk to the shop. You get out your phone, click on Uber Eats or Deliveroo and order a Romana American Hot and doughballs straight to your door from Pizza Express. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, you know what’s better? Being paid good money to deliver that food in the first place. Deliveroo pays £4 per delivery or £6 per hour plus £1 per drop if you’d rather work at an hourly rate. Uber Eats pays £2 per pick up, £1.50 per mile and £1 per drop off, with fare multipliers during peak times that can as much as double the rate of pay. The work is flexible, helps you keep fit, gives you free, valuable jackets and best of all, if the customer doesn’t answer the door you get to keep the food!

7. Get creative!

Are you a talented musician? Do you love photography? If so, why not consider taking these hobbies a step further and start getting paid for them! There are hundreds examples of young people who have managed to create thriving micro-businesses out of what their most passionate about. From jewellery making and baking, to drawing and scrapbooking, there is always a market out there for what you have to offer if you put in the effort to find it. Though it can be an uphill battle at start, if you stick with it, you could make some cash doing what you love most. If that doesn’t isn’t life goals then I don’t know what is! This is definitely one of the best ways to make extra money!


8. If it ain’t, broke don’t fix it!

Perhaps one of the best ways to make extra money this summer is the age old summer job. Though not necessarily the most fun or glamorous, for those who value security and consistency, getting a job at a bar or retail store can be a great way to fund your summer. It can be hard to get started in tutoring and dog walking, and food delivery is particularly tiring in our current heat wave, so if you prefer the comfort of a steady pay check, the beaten path of working at Spoons might be your best bet. If you’re looking for any advice on writing CVs or cover letters check out this article for tips on how to make yours stand out!

So there you have it, 8 great ways to make extra money this summer. Let us know how you get on if you try any of our tips, or if you have any other tips of your own that we missed out!

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