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10 Ways To Look After Your Mental Health During Exams

10 Ways To Look After Your Mental Health During Exams

Here are some useful ways to balance your revision and mental health during exam-season!

Exam season is in full swing! Most people think that the best way to get through this season is the constant revision and energy drinks. Although, it’s really important to prioritise and look after your mental health because it’s important not to burn yourself out before your big day and yes when I say ‘your big day’, I mean exam.

So here are some useful ways to balance your revision and well-being during exam-season!


This doesn’t necessarily have to mean an intense gym work out. There are so many low maintenance exercise methods:


For example, you could:

  • Go for a run around your neighbourhood
  • Dance like nobody is watching
  • Sign up to a yoga class and convince some of your friends to go with you


Meditation can often come across as a millennial trend and/or something your Mum does. But once you get into meditation it can help you de-stress, improve your mental health and increase your concentration.

3. Do one thing for yourself every day

Something that is completely unrelated to your revision or essays, just for you and your mental health.


For example, you could:

  • Listen to music/make a playlist
  • Pick up a hobby
  • Watch your favourite tv show
  • Journal
  • Go out for a run
  • Go out with your friends
  • Go out out

4.Phone detox

I’m not saying completely detach yourself from your phone, but my advice would be to mute certain people on social media. Especially the people that like to give their followers regular updates on how well their revision is going and how organised they are. I mean, good for them, but if it starts to stress you out get rid (and by get rid I mean subtly and politely mute).

5.Plan out a revision timetable

Plan out what you want to do each day and use Sunday as a catch-up day. So even if you don’t make all of your targets you know you have Sunday to catch up on anything you didn’t get through during the week.


6.Invest in some healthy snacks

Not only will this make you feel like you have your life together, most berries don’t have a pungent smell and you can eat them quietly in the library, which will also reduce the number of death stares.

7. Talk to someone about how you’re feeling

If you’re struggling with a particular revision topic you could email your tutor for help or you could ask a friend on your course to go through some of the content.

Most universities also offer at least one free counselling session where you can go and talk about mental health that you are entitled to.

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Exams and deadlines can intimidate and overwhelm most people but talking about it might help you see that you’re not the only one!

Even though you might feel like you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position but talking and acknowledging your feelings will make you feel better in the long run.


8. Take regular breaks

When you start to feel your attention span slipping, take a break. You could go for a walk, have a snack, or have a chat with your friend. It’s probably better to take breaks and remove yourself from your work station rather than procrastinating at your desk.

9.Maintain a healthy sleeping pattern

Relying on day naps, caffeine and energy drinks might seem like a good idea until they start making you feel much much worse. Though it may seem impossible at first trying to get enough sleep at designated sleeping times is probably the best way.

10. Be kind to yourself

In the words of Megan Markle, “we just need to be kinder to ourselves. If we treated ourselves the way we treated our best friend, can you imagine how much better off we would be?”


Good Luck to anyone taking exams, writing their dissertation or trying to meet tight deadlines. I hope these little tips and tricks help, comment below if you can think of anymore.

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