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15 Easy Ways To Keep The Environment Healthy

15 Easy Ways To Keep The Environment Healthy

Everyone knows that we need to do something drastic in order to clean up our earth, but here are some little ways to keep the environment healthy!

Recycling, taking a bike instead of the car and turning off the heating are all ways to keep the environment healthy, but some of them require just that little bit of effort that we can’t be bothered to make, though we really should. To make things simpler, however, here are 15 easy ways to save the planet and do our duty towards the earth.

1. No Straws Please

Has anyone else seen that awful picture of the turtle with a straw in his nose? ūüôĀ Plastic straws contribute to tonnes and tonnes of waste, and they’re not even essential! Ask for your drink without a straw the next time you’re eating or drinking out, or if you feel you really can’t live without them, invest a few quid in some stylish reusable stainless steel straws. This is one of the easiest ways to keep the environment healthy!

2. Go Digital

All those pesky bank statements both clutter up your desk and are a nuisance to the environment, even if you try your best to recycle them. Swiftly go paperless by unsubscribing to weekly letters and opt for email instead.


3. A Clean Period

Even if you’re not flushing your pads down the toilet, you’re still clogging the earth up. Though heavy, uncomfortable bleeding is not a choice, we can do better and use organic sanitary towels, or menstrual cups, like the Diva Cup. You might need to experiment, but I’m sure you’ll find the eco-friendly solution that suits your needs.

4. Not Quite A Vegan, But Still Trying!

It will come as no surprise that the production of lots of meat and dairy results in harmful by-products that massively affect the environment. Although going vegan is a big ask, just cutting down on our eggs and burgers can make a big difference! Try 2 vegan days a week, and you might feel cleaner, and happier in the knowledge that you’re keeping the environment that little bit healthier.

5. Green Shopping

This is a fun one- shopping is actually better for the environment! Online shopping at least. Shopping online is better for the environment than shopping in the store. Fewer consumers in shops mean less energy is used, and it’s convenient for the busy lifestyles we lead.


6. Love Your Leftovers

Food wastage is unnecessary and smelly when the excess goes in the bin. There are so many ways to avoid food waste, including taking the leftovers with you to lunch the next day in a handy reusable lunchbox, or donating food to a local food bank if possible! There are plenty of meals you can freeze for later too, and meal planning means you’ll end up with less waste if you plan to use all the ingredients you buy. This not only one of the easy ways to keep the environment healthy, but also can save you some money!

7. Contain Your Liquids

One of my pet peeves is the continuous¬†purchasing of new plastic bottles! Using a reusable¬†bottle, hard plastic or stainless steel can do wonders for the environment if everyone chips in. Instead of buying a daily cup of coffee, make your own and pour it into a flask to keep it warm throughout the day. You’ll be saving on cardboard and enough money to buy yourself a few chocolate bars instead!

8. Don’t Half-Arse Your Laundry

You don’t need to immediately wash every sock or vest that gets grubby. To save on household energy only do your laundry when you have a full tank of clothes to wash. For the in-between days, hand-wash with detergent- you could see a change in your electricity bill too!


9. The Right Way To Keep It Lit

Change your bulbs to energy-saving bulbs, and transfer over to energy-saving appliances where you can. A lot of them are cost-effective too! This is one of the great ways to keep the environment healthy!

10. Wrap It Up

Wrap gifts in old clothes that aren’t worth passing on, or random sheets of paper you have lying around (as long as they aren’t printed editions of your diary or anything). You’ll have wrapping paper that’s unique AND eco-friendly.

11. Zero-Waste Is Cool Now

There are so many switches we can make to zero-waste products that we have no idea about. The Zero Waster is a great blog on how to waste less and limit the rubbish we pile onto the earth. Some items we can use instead of disposable plastic bathroom items include stainless steel razors and reusable toothbrushes!

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12. Wake Up To The Effects Of Make-Up

Countless cotton pads and wipes in the bin really add up and are not good for keeping the environment healthy. Alternatives include the Makeup Eraser from Selfridges. While the one-off cost is a bit more than a standard pack of cotton pads, you’ll be saving loads of quid in the long run.¬†Or, you can even make your own makeup removers by knitting them with wool.

13. Insulate Your House

Draught stoppers, rugs, block vent draughts, insulate electric sockets- these are all ways to stop that precious heat from escaping your home. Heating a whole house uses loads of energy, so just by adding a few insulating pieces, you could protect the environment against excesses or energy wastage.


14. Remember Your Rucksack

Now this one is nothing new, but even better than bringing your own plastic bags is carrying your¬†groceries home in a trusty rucksack because any sort of carrier bag will eventually have to be disposed of. Taking a backpack shopping with you will also leave your hands free for all the cycling you’ll be doing if you want to keep the environment super healthy.

15. Water Makes The World Go Round

There are plenty of tricks you can use to save water, which will result in not only you helping the environment, but also saving yourself some money! Installing a water meter can save you money, rather than paying a fixed price for your bills. Fix any leaks in your home to avoid paying for unnecessary wastage. A split button flush also saves the numerous litres used in flushing every day.

Try incorporating these into your daily routine and help keep the environment healthy one human at a time!


What do you think of these ways to keep the environment healthy? Let us know in the comments below!

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