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8 Ways To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Strong

8 Ways To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Strong

These are some to tips on how to keep a long distance relationship going. Sometimes it can be hard when you're far apart but these nuggets will help!

Keeping any relationship going strong for a long time can be difficult. But a long distance relationship comes with its own challenges. If you are in one and finding it hard, know you’re not alone.  Keep reading to find the best tips to keep your love alive!

1. Talk as often as possible

If you’re going to be in a long distance relationship you need to know that you are not always going to be available to talk to each other whenever you want. You are not going to be living together or going out together regularly so you need to make sure you are staying in touch. Even little things like check in texts or asking each other how your days were can mean the world to your relationship. You will be living through different schedules and in some cases different time zones. But you need to make sure conversation is always key.

2. Making time for each other

It sounds obvious but if you’re not putting aside the time to speak to each other everyday then your relationship will suffer. If you don’t make the time to see each other in person when you can then your relationship will suffer. It doesn’t mean you should prioritise your relationship above everything and everybody in your life. But if it’s not one of your top priorities or something that you are willing to make time for then maybe you need to question if the relationship is right for you.


3. Commitment and trust

Again, it seems obvious but if you’re not committed to making the long distance relationship work then it wont work. A long distance relationship does require extra work. You both have to be completely committed to each other and making it work. And like with any relationship, if the trust isn’t there the relationship will not last long.

4. Communication is key

Sometimes in a long distance relationship things can get lost in translation through texts or messages. To make sure you are both on the same page and in the same head space about where you see your relationship going make the time to talk regularly especially through video chats if possible. Regular and honest communication will be beneficial to the longevity of your relationship.

5. Sacrifice

Compromise and sacrifice are a part of any relationship but can be particularly more prevalent in a long distance one. You may have to sacrifice time with friends or family when you do get a chance to spend time with your long distance boo. Whether it be in person or over video chat you need to make yourself available. As long as you’re not constantly putting off social engagements for your love and not seeing other people in your life then you can find a healthy balance.

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6. Social media

Social media is a gift from god for long distance relationships. Whatever your preferred platform is doesn’t matter. As long as you are using it to communicate and talk to each other then any one of them is good. Whether it’s a check in text, a Skype call or a silly Snapchat filter photo, reaching out to your bae during the day will let them know you’re thinking of them. Social media is your best friend in a long distance relationship. Use it!

7. Space isn’t a bad thing

Just like with regular relationships you still need your own space in a long distance one. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you need a night off. Sometimes we need our own time and just to relax with a book and a glass of wine. If you openly communicate that you need a night to yourself with no chatting but let your partner know that it’s not to do with them and that you will speak to them soon then they will respect it and respect you.


8. Respecting each other’s boundaries

Being long distance can sometimes make you feel like when you do see each other you should dedicate all your time to that person and do everything for them. While it’s nice to do a lot for your partner when you see them you are still your own person and you have you own feelings and thoughts. You don’t have to do everything they want you too and vice versa. A real relationship means loving and respecting each other. Never push your partner to do something that makes them uncomfortable.

Do you have any advice for people in a long distance relationship? Have you been in one before or are you in one now? Comment below!

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