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8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

They feed us, they wipe our bottoms and they tuck us in at night. Well, they used to and if your mother still does these things then you need to evaluate yourself. But, our mothers are our best friends as they gave life to us. Through thick and thin, our relationship with our mother is unbreakable. If you’re struggling with this or somewhere along the way that relationship went off the tracks, then don’t worry. Here are 8 simple ways to improve your relationship with your mother!

1. Call Her Regularly

‘Simple’ being the keyword in this article, because it just is that.

Building and improving your relationship with your mother all starts with the basics. Keeping up to date with your mother’s life as well as letting her in to your life means a great deal to them.


Whether it’s a good morning text or random questions, they love being reminded that you still need them and are aware that they are not forgotten. Once the baby leaves the nest, it can be hard.

Don’t allow your mother to feel like her child has forgotten about her by making silly mistakes.

Call the damn woman!


8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

2. Be Friends

Most people like to believe that family members can’t be friends with you, but it’s quite the opposite. We don’t choose our family, however, choosing to create a foundation with them is important.

Becoming friends with your mother is the first step to becoming closer. Once you get older, you will come to realize that a mother is a best friend and will carry your secrets to her grave.


But first, you’ve got to show you trust her first and vice versa.

8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

3. Don’t Take Her For Granted

Whose mother hasn’t said something along the lines of: “I won’t be here forever.”

If your mother has never said this to you, then you’re lucky. It’s a phrase that brings anger as well as sadness, because it dawns on you that she’s right. Your mother won’t be here forever and you have to cherish every moment you can.

Show her you care with simple tasks such as a flower on Mother’s Day or a surprise lunch out on the town. It does not take a lot of effort to improve a relationship with your mother who sometimes might feel forgotten.

8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

4. Ask About Her

Growing up, your mother has always cared for you and loved you, even if at times you’ve doubted this.

As an adult, or on the brink of adulthood, you have to be selfless and ask about the woman who raised you. Who she used to be, if you have any common interests and if she’s happy in the place she’s in. What hobbies does she have? What’s her favourite film?

Talking to her like a friend is important and allows her to see that you don’t only see her as the woman who gave birth to you, but a person.

8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

5. Learn To Be Patient

Of course, just because you’re older does not mean that you don’t have small rifts with your mother. These conflicts are normal, but you can’t afford to snap at her anymore.

As children, we would bang doors and shout during arguments. Now, you have to learn to be patient and not be immature whenever something small creates an argument.

Life’s too short to hold grudges so apologize and move on, even if you feel like it’s not your fault. Not every comment deserves a reaction and at the end of the day, you have to remember that nothing she says comes from a bad place.

8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

6. Appreciate Her

Mothers love being reminded that they are appreciated in the eyes of their child. A simple verification of this will help them understand that you do appreciate and admire everything they have done– and continue to do for you.

To improve your relationship, always remember to appreciate her, even in the toughest times.

8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

7. Put Yourself In Her Shoes

Especially during arguments, or topics you do not see eye to eye, take a step back and view the world from your mother’s perspective.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and your mother has just as much a right as anyone to speak her truth, without you bringing her down. Whenever you disagree, step back and listen intently.

Next time you find your mother angry, frustrated or snapping at you for something that you didn’t do, put yourself in her shoes and understand why she might be feeling like that.

Improving a relationship begins at mutual understanding.

8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

8. Be Honest

There is no time or room to be dishonest with your mother, because at the end of the day, she probably doesn’t even care that much. She just wants to know that you’re letting her in and see her more than a mother.

Be honest about advice she asks of you, or whether an outfit she chose makes her look fat. Be honest about how she might be making you feel at times and what you both can do to improve the relationship in order to stay in each other’s lives.

And above all, tell her you love her. A simple ‘I love you’ goes a long way.

8 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother

If you have better ideas on how to improve the relationship with your mother, let us know in the comments below!

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