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5 Ways To Get Over A Horrible Breakup

5 Ways To Get Over A Horrible Breakup

Getting out of a relationship you’ve poured your whole heart and soul into is the hardest thing in the world. Moving on from that relationship is even harder. It’s times like this when you start to feel like nothing will ever get better, and that time will never be able to heal all your wounds. It’s easy to have someone tell you it’ll get better, but a whole different story to actually make “getting better” a reality. That’s why here at Society19, we’ve come with a list of 5 ways to get over a horrible breakup to help you on your journey to recovery!

1. Try Something New

The first thing to do when trying to get over a horrible breakup is to find a distraction. And what better way to do so by trying something new? It could be something you’ve been wanting to pick up for a long time but never had the chance to or something you searched up for this very purpose. Not only will you have something to relax and distract you from thinking about the breakup, but you can learn a new skill as well! Not to mention, that learning something new can make you feel like a different, and a better person. Thus giving you the security and confidence you might need to move on.

From practical skills like sewing and cooking to something more daring like bungee jumping or skydiving, anything and everything will help you on your journey to recovery!


2. Try A Change In Style

One of the biggest obstacles when trying to get over an ex, are all the memories you’ve shared with them. And along with these painful memories, come objects and things that remind you of them. One of which, could be yourself.

A change in style will help make you feel like you’re turning a new leaf, and becoming a different person. This can help you leave behind hard to let go of memories, as you start to disassociate yourself with your past relationship. And you’ll look great too, so that’s a plus!

3. Hang Out With Your Friends and Family

Moving on is the best time to invite your friends out for a night out on the town, or even just for lunch. Not only will this help distract you from your breakup, but you’ll be able to strengthen friendships and relationships you might’ve neglected while you were still dating your ex. Having fun just hanging out with friends and family will help you take your mind off things, and make you much happier in the process. You’ll also have an outlet to rant and express your pent up emotions to someone while having the company to boot!


4. Focus More On Yourself and Do Whatever You Want

Whether it be your studies, your career or your mental health, focusing more on your own wellbeing is the best way to move on from a horrible breakup. What is something you couldn’t do while dating your ex? You’re not confined by your relationship anymore, now’s your time to go all! That friend your ex made you cut out of your life? Talk to them! Go to the spa, or just have a lazy day and watch Netflix all day long.

Whatever it is, do it and keep on doing it until you want to do something else. Doing what makes YOU happy and what YOU want will make you realise all the pros of being single anyway, and will help you with moving on. Not to mention, you’ll be improving and bettering yourself in the process. It’s a win-win situation!

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5. Cry It Out

Sometimes, you have to let the emotions out. Don’t feel weak just because you can’t handle the bottled up emotions- nobody’s perfect, and nobody can handle that amount of stress anyways. Moving on is always a process, and it’s never going to be smooth sailing all the way. So, cry it out and eat a whole tub of ice cream while you’re at it.

You deserve it.

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