5 Ways To Get Organised Ready To Go Back To School

5 Ways To Get Organised Ready To Go Back To School

With back to school season approaching far faster than we’d probably all like to admit, you might be stressing about getting organised. So, here we have five ways for you to get completely organised and ready to take on the back to school season! Even if you’re a completely disorganised, chaotic person, give these tips a read – they’re so easy and are so helpful!

1. Do A Full Stationery Haul

Who doesn’t secretly love stationery shopping? Notebooks, colourful felt tips and highlighters, cool new pens, it’s great! So, well before the start of school, take yourself off to your local stationery store and do a full haul and get your pencil case completely packed up and ready in your school bag so that nothing can be forgotten on the first day – we don’t want any last minute panic trips for that maths protractor you forgot to buy!

Make an extensive list of every item you could possibly buy and get it bought well in advance. Try and aim to go buy it all when the shops have the back to school sales on too to save some pennies!

5 Ways To Get Organised Ready To Go Back To School

2. Colour Code Your Books, Folders, Timetables and Work

Colour coding is a fantastic way to get organised. It can help prevent you from forgetting things and just generally make things easier to find and navigate around. Buy some highlighters and some stickies and keep everything colour coded so when your timetable says you have a green biology lesson, you can grab the green notebook and the green highlighted notes and the green folder. It makes life so much easier!

3. Make A Plan Of Action For the Syllabus

Especially if it’s a crucial year where you’ll have exams at the end, you should consider beginning the year by creating a plan. Make a note of each topic that you’ll be learning throughout the year so you’re always on top of everything. Consider what you know the least and what you know the most so that you know what you’ll need to pay more attention to when you get to it in the syllabus. Being prepared is crucial, so get organised now so you can be as prepared as possible!

5 Ways To Get Organised Ready To Go Back To School

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4. Pack Your School Bag and Get Your Uniform Ready the Day Before

No matter how prepared you think you are, those first few mornings back will always be painful – who wants to wake up early when you’ve just had weeks and weeks of lying in and chilling out all day? Be smart, and get into the routine of packing your school bag and getting your uniform ready the night before so in the morning it is one less thing to stress about! You don’t want to make a bad impression and be late on your first few days back, so be organised and prepared.

5. Learn Your Timetable

This seems like something very basic and simple, but the key to being organised is definitely knowing where you need to be and when. Learn your timetable before you back to school so that you don’t end up lost, confused and late to your first lesson – nobody wants that. And make some copies of it too as you’re bound to lose it and don’t want to end up getting in trouble for doing so. Photocopy it and laminate it and have one in your pocket at all times.

5 Ways To Get Organised Ready To Go Back To School

What do you usually do to get organised for back to school, college or university? Have you tried any of these things before? Let us know below!

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