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8 Ways To Fix A Broken Heart For Any Girl Out There

8 Ways To Fix A Broken Heart For Any Girl Out There

8 Ways To Fix A Broken Heart For Any Girl Out There

One of the hardest reality that we all need to learn growing up is that people come and go in our life. If you’re bathing yourself in a pool of sadness because of your broken heart, or maybe you caught your best friend in this situation, here are 8 ways to fix a broken heart for any girl out there

Allow Yourself To Feel Sad

Remember, always allow yourself to be sad. It can be a week, it can be two weeks, you’re allowed to feel sad and moan about the love is gone, about the empty feeling that somebody left you. Embrace the sadness, learn from the past relationship to learn how to be stronger.

Maybe you feel so sad that you can die because somebody left you, but trust me, all of us experience that same feeling. Learning that not every love story is going to last maybe the hardest lesson that all women need to learn in her grown-up life. But it will soon get better. So be sad, crying in your room until you have no more tears, it’s fine.


Hang Out With Your Friends

Friendship is the greatest gift that God gave us. Your friends are there for you, to heal your broken heart. Call your best friend and tell her about what happened, call her and show her how you feel. Your best friend’s definitely gonna be there for you. Hanging out with friends also the way for you to forget about the sadness. They are there to support you physically and emotionally.

So pick on that phone and start dialing!

Learning Something

When we first break up with someone, all we do is missing them, every hour, every minute and every second. This only puts mỏe torture into your broken heart. Instead of missing them, thinking about them, why don’t you start learning something new? When you put your heart and soul into something else, you’ll immediately forget about the last broke up. Not to mention, you’ll never know a new skill that you learn might help you in the future.


Don’t Rush Meeting Someone New

Rushing into meeting someone new is the last thing you want to do to mend your broken heart. As it does not only reminds you of your ex, but it is also a disrespect to your new person. Only meet someone new when you’re completely ready to be in a relationship again.

Exercise More

As exercise helps to release endorphins it will help you to decrease the stress level and be more energetic. Why not utilize this time to taking good care of your body, eat healthier, live healthier. A 30 minutes walk every day will definitely help you boost your mood up.

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Heal Your Broken Heart With Food

When we’re sad, we tend to eat a lot or don’t eat anything at all. And that is not good for your health and body. Food is energy. The better the quality of food you put into the body, the better you will feel, the faster you will heal your broken heart. So, get rid of those junk food and start eating moderately, healthy now!

Sleep More

Nothing is greater than having a high-quality good sleep. You don’t want to look like a giant panda with countless pimples and dark circle after every time you broke your heart, do you? Spend at least 7 to 8 hours to sleep every day!

Talk To Yourself

One of the best advice that I can give you is: talk to yourself. Ask yourself what do you need, what do you really want. Really dig into your soul and ask if you were truly happy in the last relationship. If yes, then maybe this is the time for you to show your gratitude to someone who has brought all of that happiness to you, if you don’t, then maybe it is best to let go!


Send yourself some flowers with some love note, self-love is never an unnecessary practice!

Are there any ways you have done to mend your broken heart? Let’s share with all of our friends here and let us know what do you think in a comment box below!

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