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5 Ways To Dress Casual And Classy

5 Ways To Dress Casual And Classy

If you're inspired by Kate Middleton fashion and style, here are ways to dress casual and classy, so that you look cute and polished at the same time!

We gals are always looking for any excuse to look our best and to glam up a little bit. But why does there always have to be an occasion? Your everyday style says a lot about your personality and how you wish the world to see you, so why not ‘class’ it up a lil’ bit? With these easy ways to dress casual while still looking classy, I bet you’ll be as classy as Kate Middleton in no time.

1) Roll Necks.

In winter these are my go-to snuggle jumpers for when I’m feeling particularly chilly. These are ultra flattering for any body shape and give off the perfect hourglass figure. Pair these with a knee length denim skirt, leggings for a more casual approach or matching a pair of skinny jeans and knee high boots for a timeless, country look.

2) A “Nice” Top.

Every girl has heard of the ‘jeans and a nice top’ outfit, most often for low key events when we want to wear something else other than the norm, or just as an excuse to buy something new. Backless, embellished, cropped or something that shows off your best assets, are all ways in which you can pull off an effortless look, while still feeling classy. Throw on a pair of heels and jeans and you’re good to go.


3) Loafers.

Personally, I have never owned a pair of these but adore it when other girls wear them. Any colour, any season, with jeans, skirts or a cute ass dress and you’ll look as cute as a button. Pair with jeans for a busy city look or a fitted A-line dress just for weekends. This classic country farm look will get you feeling fresh in no time.

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4) Wide Leg Trousers.

These are my FAVOURITE trousers to wear. Step aside jeans, you’ve been my trusty companion for a long time now, but now the new boss is in town. For girls who are petite and short in height, these will do wonders for your confidence and your figure. Hitched in at the waist and free flowing to the ends, you’ll be living in these, I guarantee. Grab yourself a tight little crop top and you’re for sure sorted.


5) Big Flared Skirts.

Can you see a theme here? Hehe. Perfect for weddings, christenings or just a fancy pants garden party. These look gorgeous on anyone, and with so many colour and print combinations, the possibilities are endless. You can dress them up or down and at any time of year – we don’t all have the luxury of keeping our tan for more than a couple of weeks.

Staying classy doesn’t have to break your bank and you will probably find that most of these easy ways to dress casual and classy are already hidden away in the back of the closet – it’s just knowing what to pair with what. Watch out Kate, we’re coming for you!…
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