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6 Ways To DIY Your Wardrobe

6 Ways To DIY Your Wardrobe

DIY is the best way to revamp your outfits in a way that’s cheap and rewarding. Who doesn’t love wearing something that they’ve helped to make?

Every thought about ways to DIY your wardrobe? DIY is the best way to revamp your outfits in a way that’s cheap and rewarding. Who doesn’t love wearing something that they’ve helped to make? With so many different ways to DIY your wardrobe, here are just a few to get you started. And don’t worry, most of these are incredibly easy to do, you don’t need to be a seamstress with expensive materials to create some new looks.

1. DIY Blue and White Floral Print Jeans

Floral prints are very on-trend right now, but who wants to buy a completely new pair of floral jeans when you can just make them yourself? For this DIY, you’ll need a pair of white jeans, fabric markers in different blue tones, lace and cardboard. Use the cardboard to stop the ink from bleeding, and overlay the lace on top of the denim. Colour in the lace pattern with the marker, then remove the lace then you should have a beautiful flower print! Continue this all over the jeans for the perfect floral print. Feel free to mix it up and use whatever colour denim and marker you want, however dark ink on white denim looks the best.

Try out this DIY by Love Maegan here.


2. No Sew Sequin Graphic Crop

Love the look of sequin graphic tees but wish you could make it a little more personal? We after you finish this DIY you’ll have a new go-to graphic tee. Find a neutral shirt and a roll of sequins. Make sure to lay out your design before you glue it in place to check that it’s perfect. Using a glue gun, glue down the line of sequins in place. To make the designer look a little stronger, double up the sequins to make your design bolder. Mix it up with different colour shirts and sequins, why not try out different patterns and designs?

Try out this DIY by Kristi Murphy here.

3. DIY off the shoulder shirt

This DIY only takes less than one minute to complete, how easy is that? Take a loose white cotton shirt and do up the two middle buttons. Pull down the sides of the shirt until it creates a beautiful off the shoulder look, and fold the collar back inside the shirt so it doesn’t ruin the look. Tie the bottom of the shirt into a tight bow, or tuck it into a pair of high waisted pants of a mini-skirt. Roll up the sleeves and you’re ready to go! This DIY doesn’t just to be for white shirts, so why try a different colour shirt or maybe a bold pattern? This DIY is the perfect way to make a professional garment look more casual.


Try out this DIY by A Pair & A Spare here.

4. DIY No Sew Floral and Striped Tee

Plain tees can get a little boring, so why not spice it up with a little graphic design? For this DIY you’ll need only a few materials, most of which you’ll already have in your home. Use floral fabric and Heat n’ Bond to create your own iron-on patch, create your own design and iron it onto your striped tee. The possibilities are endless with this DIY, so get your imagination going and experiment!

Try out this DIY by Pretty Life Girls here.

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5. No Sew Lace Trim Shorts

Nothing looks prettier than a bit of lace, and denim shorts are always perfect for those warmer summer months. Using fabric glue, find some small intricate lace and glue it to the bottom seam of your denim shorts. White lace is the most common colour, but why not try out some different lace and denim colour combinations? Just make sure to let the glue fully dry for 24 hours before wearing, you wouldn’t want any fashion disasters!

Try out this DIY by I Love To Create here.


6. The DIY Kimono

The perfect way to layer in the summer months, this DIY kimono can be paired with dresses, jeans and even your favourite swimsuit. You’ll be surprised at how easy this DIY is to make. Only needing a few metres of fabric, scissors and fabric glue, feel free to choose whatever fabric you love the most! Only requiring cutting and gluing the fabric, you won’t even have to touch a sewing needle (you can thank me later). This DIY is so simple, you might even make two of them.

Try out this DIY by Verily Mag here.

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