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6 Ways To Design Your Bedroom On A Budget

It can be hard to redecorate when you’re on a budget, furniture and furnishings are super expensive and nobody has time these days to be strolling around IKEA (even if it is loads of fun) picking up things that you know you don’t need. Sometimes all your room needs to be spiced up a bit is some of these simple furnishings that are super easy to make at home and won’t hurt your purse strings. Keep on reading to find out six ways to design your bedroom on a budget.


You don’t have to spend long on Instagram to find a lifestyle blogger whose decorate their whole house using plants, but it is a quick and easy way to update your bedroom while it also getting some fresh oxygen in the room. Have an Aloe Vera plant to improve the air quality and Ivy to reduce mold. To design your bedroom with natural elements in mind, add some faux or real succulent plants.


This will take a little more effort, but why don’t you repaint some of the furniture in your room. This will instantly bring a new lease of life to your furniture, and is a fun DIY activity to make a day of. To design your bedroom with some unique pieces of art, try abstract paintings.


It’s amazing how much lighting can affect the mood and feel of a room, so why not experiment with the light until it’s right for you. A cheap way of changing your lighting is to get some basic fairy lights to put around your bed, this will instantly make it look more cosy!

Copy this look:

Hanging Art

It is super easy to find cheap prints, and instead of paying loads to get them framed, why not make a DIY frame to hang your prints on. This one is super cute and works for hanging photos as well!

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Cheap Furnishings

If you have a monochrome bedroom, a great way to give it a new vibe is to just add colourful cushions or a throw onto the bed. Here’s a beautiful cushion from H&M home that’s affordable!

Which of these tips and pieces of home decor are you going to use to design your bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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