8 Ways To Deal With An Annoying Roommate

Do you have an annoying rommate? Living with someone that parties at night while you try to sleep or leaves their mess everywhere can be stressful!

Living with annoying roommates can be really annoying for 8 reasons. You have enough of roommates that parties at night while you try to sleep, leave their mess everywhere or eats your food? You are looking for a way to deal with it? Here are 8 ways to deal with an annoying roommate.

1. Create some rules

The best way to deal with annoying roommates is to set up rules from the very start. Within the first few days of moving in together, you should write a roommate contract. It doesn’t have to be an official document, be setting some rules will help you live together. You can set rules on things like using each other’s belonging, eating the other’s food and such. That way, you will have a good base to start a healthy relationship. You can modify the contract if there are new details that should be added or adjusted.

8 Ways To Deal With An Annoying Roommate


2. Address the problem

Talking about the problem is the first thing you should do. If your roommates repeatedly do something that annoys you, bring it up. Keeping it for yourself will only make it harder to live together. It might be difficult for shy people who do not like conflict but this is the best way to deal with annoying roommates. Talking about your issues with one another instead of being quiet about it. Your roommates might not know that his behaviour is annoying you. However, if their behaviour persists, you can consider other ways.

3. Talk to your other roommates

One person’s actions can affect the entire flat. If that’s the case, talk to your other roommates and consider a group meeting to talk and resolve the issue. Try to not look like you are all ganging up on him/her.

4. Let go of the little things

Some things that bother you about your roommate might be legitimate, but some of them are probably small things you need to get over. If you freak out, every time your roommates do not clean his plate after eating or inviting their friends, just learn to let it go. It’s not worth getting upset for every little thing.


8 Ways To Deal With An Annoying Roommate

5. Ignore them

It’s only temporary. You can try to ignore their bad habits as long as it’s not too extreme. It will be over soon enough and it might not be worth a confrontation that will only bring animosity in the flat.

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6. Distance yourself from them

Of course, you will be annoyed with them quickly if you live with them 24/7. Being constantly around your roommates make it easier to be annoyed at little things. Distance yourself from your flat. Spend a couple of days away from them and you might feel better.

8 Ways To Deal With An Annoying Roommate

7. Speak to your university’s residence team

If you have talked to your roommate several times and ask them time to change their behaviour, you may need to discuss with the residence team. Most universities are prepared for this and propose to change your room if you are not satisfied with it. Of course, they may charge you for this but it will be worth it if you are really that uncomfortable living with them.


8. Move out

If you really can’t take it anymore, it might be better moving outside halls altogether. Living with other students can be pretty difficult. It can be hard for those who are not a fan of conflict to confront their roommates about things that annoy them. If your roommates are partying all night long in your flat every night while you are trying to sleep, it’s time to get out of there.

Have you ever dealt with an annoying roommate? How did you deal with it? Comment below and share your experience with others.

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