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10 Ways To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

10 Ways To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

Add colour to your wardrobe this season and shake up your fashion routine. Wearing colour has never been so trendy, so discover how to add it to your style.

Adding colour to your wardrobe can be tricky, especially if you like wearing black everyday. However, adding just a little bit of colour will surely brighten up your mood, and change from your routine – opening your closet won’t be that boring anymore. If you cannot go without wearing black, just wear a bright pink sweater and rock the total black look everywhere else. There are ways to incorporate colour into your style. We are sure that the change will do you good.

We thought of 10 ways for you to add colour into your wardrobe.

1. Buy a colourful bag

Bags are a girl’s best friend. Carrying around a black leather tote is very convenient indeed, however buy another bag in a bright colour – or at least a satchel – to assert another side of your personality, and freshen up your look.


2. Choose a colour for your nights out

This is a fun way to add some touches of colour here and there to your outfits. Go for red, white, think of different materials as well such as velvet and lace, and go out of your comfort zone.

3. Accessorise with style

Sometimes you don’t need to go big – a detail can make a difference. Try wearing a colourful belt, some crazy colourful earrings and bracelets. Wear a ring to be subtle. We recommend you to buy a bright pair of sunglasses in red or tortoiseshell.

4. Choose the colourful shoes

A girl can conquer it all if she wears the right shoes – especially during Summertime. Choose a bright pair of sandals, mules, clogs, whatever your style is. Shoes are quite important.


5. Try pastel colours

If you want to make a subtle change, and not really stand out in the middle of the crowd… choose to wear pastel. It is a good way to be gently colourful. It is very trendy this season: baby blue, pastel pink, lemony yellow. Pastel will compliment and soften your features.

6. Buy a nice Summer dress

Summer is THE season you can mess around in terms of colour. Buy a dress that you like in a very bright colour such as yellow, pink, wild green or blue. When warm days turn into coolish nights, add a black leather or denim jacket to your outfit, and you’ll look great.

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7. Wear bright nail polish

Details usually make or break an outfit. Wear bright nail polish to seal your look. It can look sexy if you wear an all black outfit with a red nail polish, for instance. Alternatively, if you want to be more assertive why not add volour by trying red lipstick?

8. Wear a cardigan

As an introduction to a colourful wardrobe, it’s good to start slowly- add colour with a cardigan, a sweater, a t-shirt to break the pattern of your outfit. You don’t have to turn into a rainbow (not yet…). Just go for a pinky angora cardigan. You can also choose to wear patterns.

9. Go for the original jacket

Black trousers are a classic of your wardrobe, and they are so comfortable to wear that you don’t want to compromise. And good news! You don’t have to. In fact, wear an original coat or a colourful blazer, and you’ll be set.


10. Bright Underwear

Just have fun, and add colour by choosing to wear a yellow bar underneath a black t-shirt. It is just cute and very delicate. Plus, you’ll feel really confident if wear the underwear of your dreams.

How Do You Wear Colour? Let Us Know In The Comment Section Below!

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