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8 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wardrobe

8 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wardrobe

8 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wardrobe

Spicing up your wardrobe with a few specific pieces that represent who you are can really give you the confidence boost you’ve been looking for. There’s no better feeling than wearing something that you love and is unique to your personality. Whether you’re in search of statement pieces or subtle accessories, we have all the tips you need to add some personal touches to your wardrobe!

1. Jewellery

Jewellery can jazz up even the most basic and minimalistic outfits. Having a few go-to pieces of jewellery is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your wardrobe. Jewellery can act as statement pieces specific to you, so exchange cheap fashion jewellery for a few high-quality investment pieces that will last you years. Even better, if you have any jewellery from family members, just adding them to your outfit before you leave the house is the easiest way to personalise your wardrobe to you.

2. Footwear

There’s nothing wrong with a fun shoe. Whether it’s a bold high heel or an intricate sneaker, wearing shoes that perfectly represent you is a great way to personalise your wardrobe. Prefer comfort over style? Pair white sneakers with your summer dresses. Love dressing up and going out? Match a pair of statement heels with jeans and a basic tee.


3. Sunglasses

With so many different shapes and styles to choose from, you’re bound to find a pair of sunglasses that suit your personality perfectly. From a bold cat-eye to an understated round tortoise-shell pair, the possibilities are endless! Rely on one pair to become your new signature look, or rotate between a few pairs to add some personality to your go-to outfits.

4. Mix and Match

Who doesn’t love to experiment with their personal style? Changing up the way the certain way you wear particular outfits and garments will instantly add a personal touch to your style. Combine a classy top with a pair of denim jeans, or maybe a trench coat with a pair of statement heels. Mixing and matching different styles to suit your personal tastes will instantly make your wardrobe more personal.

5. Have a go at some DIY

I know DIY sounds scary, but it’s much easier than you think. Have a top you love but wish it was cropped? Cut off the excess and sew up the edge. Have a denim jacket that you wish said more about you? Find some fun patches and iron them on! You don’t need to be a seamstress to personalise your wardrobe, so start experimenting and have some fun with it!

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6. Tailoring

Have a favourite garment but just wish it looked better on you? Tailoring is the easiest way to personalise your wardrobe, as all of your clothing will fit you perfectly. Often garments that come in standard sizes don’t fit our bodies (as there’s no perfect shape!), so give tailoring a try. You can thank me later!

7. Layering

There’s no right or wrong way to layer your outfit. Throwing a leather motorcycle jacket over a summer dress or a trench coat over a bodycon dress is the perfect way to make your style more unique. Fitting for the winter months, you’ll always be thinking of new ways to make your outfits more fitting to your unique personality with this layering technique.


8. Look for vintage options

As the most sustainable point on this list, having a look at your local vintage stores and op shops is one of the most guilt-free ways to personalise your wardrobe. Many vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind, so if you find something you absolutely love, it’ll instantly make your outfits more personal.

Ready to personalise your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!

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