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Look Good Feel Good: 10 Ways Makeup Affects Your Mood

Look Good Feel Good: 10 Ways Makeup Affects Your Mood

If you have ever thought you felt better with makeup on, you're not crazy. Here is a whole list of ways makeup affects your mood positively!

It has been proven that wearing a full face if makeup makes you feel on top of the world. When you feel amazing and beautiful on the outside, you feel amazing and beautiful on the inside. This is why there are several ways makeup affects your mood.

Obviously I’m not supporting looking unnatural and caked in makeup but if some foundation and mascara can make you feel lush and lovely then so what? Plaster on that makeup and take the world in your stride. I know I feel 10 times prettier with even the smallest amount of concealer on, so when I make an effort with my makeup and go out with a full face on I feel AMAZING! Makeup is a powerful thing. It has the ability to affect our confidence and our creativity.

  • 85% of women thought wearing makeup helped lift their mood on a bad day.
  • 8 out of 10 women said that they preferred their female colleagues to wear makeup.
  • 78% said they believed wearing makeup affected the way they were treated by others.
  • 80% of women said they would rather employ a woman who wore makeup than one who didn’t.
  • 67% believed they got better treatment from others when they wore makeup.
    Facts don’t lie. So here are 10 ways makeup affects your mood

1. It makes you feel pretty

This is an obvious one. Obviously wearing makeup makes you feel pretty inside and out. Who doesn’t feel pretty with a bit of highlighter and contour making them look fierce.


2. It makes you feel ready for anything

Wearing makeup makes you feel ready for absolutely anything. You are ready for any spontaneous plans and surprises. Just like we have certain clothes for working out and certain ones for going out, the idea of “putting on our face” with makeup can help prepare our mental mindset for whatever “battle” we are heading into. This is definitely one the positive ways makeup affects your mood!

3. You want to try harder

Wearing a full face of makeup, that took you a good hour to do makes you want to try your hardest at everything. If you put effort into your face then you naturally want to put effort in to your day.

4. It makes you more confident

Knowing your make up is on fleek makes you feel so much more confident, and makes you feel more in control. Wearing makeup is like putting on a pair of heels: you feel taller, braver and stronger. This is definitely one of the ways makeup affects your mood!


5. It Inspires you

Apparently wearing red and orange colours makes you feel inspired and raring to go.

6. It can make you feel focused

Wearing shades of blue and white can make you look and feel a lot more focused, especially in the workplace.

7. It can help you connect with friends and other women

Wearing makeup has become a social act and a hobby which can draw you closer to other women. In other words, admitting “I use concealer too” can create a kind of cosmetic camaraderie among women — and maybe help you finally find your Holy Grail foundation along the way.

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8. It can make you look and feel more competent

While we’ve already reported that it can make you feel more self-assured, wearing makeup can also help others perceive you as more competent — just by looking at you. You look like you are capable of being a beauty icon and a business women all at once. Not to mention you feel accomplished.

9. It makes you feel creative

Testing out new makeup trends and designs makes you feel super creative and artsy. Your face becomes your canvas. This is for sure one of the ways makeup affects your mood.


10. It makes you feel calm

Applying makeup is a lot like painting and acts as a form of therapy, making you feel tranquil and calm after.

The average woman spends 11 minutes a day putting on makeup. And these reasons prove why you shouldn’t feel guilty for a single second of that.

What are some other ways makeup affects your mood? Let us know in the comments below!

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