8 Ways Cycling Benefits Your Body

Cycling has many benefits, from expanding social circles and influencing confidence levels to having fun and bettering your sleep! Check them out!

Whether you prefer cycling outdoors in country lanes or inside at your local spin class, the benefits seem endless. If you’re debating whether or not to ditch the car in favour of a bicycle, here are a few convincing factors.

Mental Health

It is a well-established fact that any form of exercise improves overall mental health. Exercising releases endorphins, such as dopamine which is a happy hormone. So not only are you establishing a healthy lifestyle you are also improving your mood. You also need to remember the way that learning new skills develops your confidence. The fact that you can cycle anywhere and find new views also contributes to your overall mental health. This sport also expands your social circle, surrounding you with new faces!

8 ways cycling benefits the body


Weight Loss

Cycling is a full body aerobic exercise which works your body out evenly. If you follow a healthy and balanced diet, there is no reason why you wouldn’t lose weight through cycling. If your fitness goal is to burn calories, cycling burns tons. The amount you burn is based on the intensity of your workout and your stature. Therefore, if your workout is at a high intensity for over an hour and you have extra weight then you should burn more than your slimmer counterparts.

Spatial Awareness

If you’re like me and you struggle with your spatial awareness, cycling might be the sport for you. Because you’ll be cycling on roads, you have to keep yourself safe from cars and other road users. This requires you to become aware of your space and where your bike is. When handling the bike, there are technical issues to combat such as climbing hills,  descending and going around corners. By conquering these technicalities, you will see a surge in your confidence but you also improve your awareness.

8 ways cycling benefits the body


Sex Life

Come on, who doesn’t want to have better sex? Cycling very well could be the answer to your prayers. Not only will cycling give you better-defined muscle groups, but it could also help you between the sheets. Cyclists are well known for there tight cycling shorts and high vis vests, meaning they are no stranger to attention. Therefore, by dawning these looks it actually improves your confidence and as we know confidence is sexy. This new found conviction will make you irresistible to your partner.

It’s Low Impact

Novices of this sport may be apprehensive as cycling can come across as intimidating. It’s important when starting out to remember to go at the pace you feel is right for you. This helps to avoid injury and pushing beyond your limitations. The good thing about cycling is that it’s a low impact sport. As you sit down on the bike you don’t need to bear your weight on your legs, unlike runners. This means that you are less likely to put pressure on certain muscle groups which can result in damaging them. The only con of cycling is the fact that you can’t really improve your bone density. As it is low impact, you will have to do weight training separately to improve this. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Navigational Skills

Unlike car drivers who often rely on their smartphones or satnavs to get places, you will become your very own compass. By cycling, you will become much more aware of your surroundings and your sense of navigation will expand. By relying on yourself to get from A to B you will begin to map out where you are going while you are cycling. You will be grateful for this newfound natural sense of direction when it’s pouring down and you want to get home. Got to love the old British weather.


8 ways cycling benefits your body

Better Sleep

With all of your cycling, you will soon begin to feel wiped out. It isn’t a secret that exercising breeds tiredness. So this new sport will definitely help you sleep better. If you struggle with your sleeping pattern, then you should undeniably think about taking up cycling. Many scientists also believe that you sleep better due to the fact exercise reduces feelings of anxiety. By feeling less anxious it means you won’t spend the small hours worrying about making you sleep better.

Meet People

As mentioned before cycling is a social sport. If you are in the market for some new friends then get involved in local teams. By joining your local cycling club, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Not only will you meet new people, but you will also find out more information about your new hobby. By speaking to like-minded individuals you develop a kinship which will only make you love cycling more.

8 ways cycling benefits the body

Cycling is clearly a dynamic and cost-effective sport that boasts many benefits. Let us know what you think is the best part of cycling!

Feature Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/2bWAyv1CeIw