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6 Wardrobe Must-Have’s For Men

6 Wardrobe Must-Have’s For Men

Fashion is easy for men to get wrong. We've made it easy by listing 6 essential items everyman should have!

Fashion is a fickle thing. As the Seasons change, trends will fluctuate, and the new ‘black’ can change day to day. But despite the rinse and repeat nature of fashion, any man can be certain of a few specific clothing essentials. Here are six key wardrobe must-have’s for men keep your wardrobe looking fresh all year-round

1. Plain T-Shirts

May seem obvious, but you’d be shocked at just how many men don’t own a decent amount of plain t-shirts. Fit for any almost any casual occasion, the plain tee is a wardrobe must-have’s for men that’ll set the foundation for even the most complicated of outfits. Whether it be a simple chino and shirt combo or a blazer with jeans, you can rarely go wrong with a nice plain tee.

The biggest mistake men make when buying plain tees is buying cheap. Cheap tees tend to lose colour and shape real quick, so they’re worth throwing a few extra dollars at. Make sure to invest in something cut from high-quality cotton. You can buy tees in almost any colour, but if you have black, grey and white as your staples, then you should be good.


2. Khakis/Chinos

Light-coloured pants are wardrobe must-have’s for men when it comes to casual affairs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mates summer bbq, a casual beach wedding or a lunchtime meeting with your colleagues, Khakis let you keep a polished look without feeling too “dressed up”. There is a time and place for a suit, and a man gains a lot more respect when he knows when to dress down.

Khakis, like the plain tees, make for a solid bridge piece and go with just about anything, but, as a rule of thumb, make sure that you buy them without pleats in the front. These will serve you much better and keep you looking nice and trim.


3. Sweatshirts

It took a while, but sweaters appear to be back in fashion and a wardrobe must-have for men. Its resurgence can probably be attributed to the many high-end designers offering a new spin on the humble athletic inspired essential. With plenty of styles, colours, compositions and fits, there’s never been a better time to get your hands on one or two. The sweater is a versatile piece of clothing that can be paired with a number of outfits, regardless if you’re looking to layer your sweater over a dress shirt or with a chunky cardigan. There’s no need to go bold with your sweater (and definitely no prints!), so look for muted options like black, grey, navy or even a subdued maroon.

4. Polo Shirts

When you need to go between formal and casual, then polos are your answer. It’s very much a wardrobe must-have for men made for multiple styles; Ideal for golfing or for casual events that might require a little more class.

Find yourself some polos with subtle patterns to expand your wardrobe, since your button-ups are likely plain or striped. A nice checkered or bold stripe lets you show off your own style without getting too far outside the box.


Polo shirts look great with a pair of shorts, but you can also go the opposite way with dark jeans and a casual sweater. Great for all seasons! Depending on your style you can layer your polo under a long-sleeve casual button-up or a cardigan, or even with a bomber jacket for a sporty look.

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5. Oxford Shoes

What’s the first thing people look at when they meet you? The shoes! A pair of stylish oxfords are wardrobe must-have’s for men can never steer you wrong and makes for a great first impression. Find something in black or brown leather – they’re great for suits and even with khakis and a jacket.

A reliable pair of sneakers are also a wise addition to your closet. They may be considerably less formal than the oxfords, but just handy when wanting to top off that casual look.

6. A Suit (black/grey)

Suits are absolutely wardrobe must-have’s for men- don’t let anyone tell you differently. Spend the time to find a quality suit to last you the ages, and make sure to get it tailored. There are so many occasions you’ll wish you had a go-to suit in your professional and social life. Modern suits are much slimmer cuts than back in the ’80s or ’90s, so getting something that fits and compliments your body should a priority.


Black or Grey suits are the best option for continued use and versatility. Whether its work, weddings, funerals or date, a classic, tailored black or grey suit can be worn in several ways. You can also get more usability by wearing pieces of the suit separately, like the pants with a coloured button-up for business casual.

What are some essential pieces of clothing in your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

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