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Wardrobe Essentials That Every University Student Needs

Wardrobe Essentials That Every University Student Needs

When it’s that time of year again to start packing for uni, there are a few necessary wardrobe essentials for any uni student! No matter what the season or what the weather, there are some wardrobe staples that every girl should have in her closet at all times. They’re like the backbones of any and every outfit she wears. Whether you’re off to class or heading out for your first party of the year, these wardrobe essentials will definitely be put to use! Below are 10 wardrobe essentials for any uni student!

1. Basic T-Shirts.

The simplest way of finding a university student appropriate wardrobe is to be on the lookout for pieces which are basic and comfortable, yet versatile (which prevents you from being caught for the same outfit wearing!) Basic t-shirts are a way to go, and can be found anywhere from charity to high-street. You do not have to spend a fortune. However, if you know that this is a piece you will be wearing quite often, then it might be worth it to invest in a t-shirt which will last you many washes.



2. Jeans.

If there is one thing you cannot go wrong with- it is jeans. Skinny, slim, boot cut, mom, boyfriend…they don’t stop! These are not only great for comfort but also can be transformed from a day time to a night time outfit through replacing your shoes with a nice pair of heels, and throwing on a bralette and a blazer.


3. Do not underestimate duster coats!

You do not have to be buried in one of those shapeless parkas which are a nightmare for most petite girls. Since, as we know, it swallows us whole! Dusters are perfect for either layering for warmth or style and are brilliant as just a staple piece. You can throw it on with any outfit whether it’s to a lecture or a dinner party, you are guaranteed effortless chic style.


4. Don’t forget blazers!

For those days when you want to feel extra put together or might have an important presentation in class and want to impress your lecturer not just with your intellect. Blazers are a must!


5. A shirt dress.

There are plenty of days at university when you just don’t feel like juggling through your whole wardrobe to put together an outfit. Just go for a shirt dress, simple and easy, yet chic. You can easily wear this to a lecture with a pair of denim shorts. During the night switch the shorts for some thick black tights and a pair of thigh high boots and you’ll be set for the night.



6. Scarfs.

Scarfs are a really simple way to add dimension to any outfit and they are perfect for every season. In the warm months, you can go for a thinner knit scarf. And for the cold, go for a chunky knit scarf to keep you warm for days.



7. Caps will become your best friend.

We all have those mornings when we have to hit the snooze button one too many times on our phones or those days when our hair is just not cooperating a.k.a. looking like a haystack. So caps are a way to go for you, not only do they allow you to hide what is underneath, but also give you a street chic look.


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8. Plain black trousers.

It is possible to survive university with only two pairs of pants; jeans and black trousers. Since they are a basic piece, they are very versatile. However, in order to switch things up, you can alter the length or the texture of the trousers to make them become the centerpiece of your outfit!


9. Trainers.

After a long night of clubbing and running around with high heels on, your feet will thank you each time you wear trainers. Not only are they comfortable, but in recent months are becoming a staple piece for ‘street smart’ outfits.



10. Big jackets.

Whether they are denim or leather, they are perfect for the colder season. However, they do not have to be your standard, plain jackets.  There are many alternative styles like jackets with rips, badges or zippers.

Do you know of other wardrobe essentials for any uni student? Share in the comments below!

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