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Want To Feel Beautiful Always? Here’s How!

Want To Feel Beautiful Always? Here’s How!

If you're feeling less than perfect today, here's a list of a few ways you can always feel beautiful and positive about yourself.

In modern society, it can be difficult to feel beautiful sometimes. Especially when people are frequently comparing themselves to the constant bombardment of perfectly photo-shopped celebrities and edited Instagram pics seen on a daily basis. But everybody is beautiful in their own way, and it’s the beauty of the mind which is most important. If you’re feeling less than perfect today, here’s a list of a few ways you can feel more beautiful and positive about yourself.

1. Write down your best assets

You may feel cocky or big-headed doing it, but appreciating yourself isn’t something to be ashamed of. By writing all the key things you love about yourself down on paper, it’ll be more likely to stay in your head and be easier for you to think back and remember when you’re not feeling great about yourself. For example, you may love how loyal you are to your friends, how you always look for the good in other people, or how much you do for charity. All these things make you a beautiful person, you just need to remember that and acknowledge it instead of picking out the worst things about you.

2. Tell yourself how beautiful you are

One thing you can try is standing in front of a mirror and straight up telling yourself how beautiful you are. Repeat it. A thousand times. Make it a habit to stand in front of the mirror every morning for 2 minutes before you get ready and just repeat the words ‘I am beautiful’ over and over. The more you tell yourself something, the more you’ll start believing it.


3. Decorate your room beautifully

Decorating your room with things you personally find beautiful can help you to discover your own individual, uniqueness and what things interest you personally. For example, maybe you could stick up some pictures out of magazines you like, buy ornaments that appeal to you, fill the room with colours that make you happy. This will all bring out the true ‘you’ inside and show you what makes you different from other people.


4. Self care

One reason you may not be feeling so beautiful about yourself is because you feel down and gloomy. Try getting active and letting the release of endorphins make you feel better. Exercising can be made fun and exciting, especially if you have a friend to do activities like cycling, swimming or dancing with. This isn’t about losing weight though, as everybody is perfect as they are. Exercise can just be a way of making you feel more positive, therefore making you feel more positive about yourself.


5. Do what you’re good at

Spending time completing activities you’re good at can help you see how beautiful you really are by highlighting your capabilities and how skillful you are. Try going back to a hobby you haven’t completed for a while and see how happy it may make you or how you may have forgotten how truly talented you are.

6. Be comfortable in what you wear

Sometimes ill-fitting clothes can have a huge impact on the way we perceive our bodies, when really it’s not us, it’s the outfit. Although appearance does not define beauty, looking good and feeling good in what you’re wearing can make you feel so much more beautiful. Try figuring out what body shape you have and researching what styles look best on you. Wearing clothes that don’t fit can make you look much larger, wider, taller, shorter than you actually are.

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7. Accept your appearance

Maybe the way you feel about your personal image is having a large affect on your self-perception. Unfortunately, things like acne, scars, birth marks, uneven skin tone, and other trivial things can have a huge impact on the way a person thinks about themselves. But this shouldn’t  be the case. A person’s beauty is not a reflection of their blemishes which are out of their control, but from what kind of person they choose to be and how they make others feel. It may be hard to forget about physical ‘faults’ but they really don’t matter. Chances are no one notices them as much as you think they do.

8. Stop comparing yourself

One of the most popular reasons for why people don’t feel beautiful is due to comparison to others. Although apps like Instagram are great for scrolling through in your free time, it can be dangerous when it comes to your own self esteem, especially when it’s filled with pics of the hottest celebrities and stunning models. Chances are though, these pics are extensively edited and are not what they really look like in real life. Comparing yourself to an image that isn’t even real can make you feel like there’s a lot wrong with your appearance when in reality, these celebrities have those problems too.


Hopefully these tips will help you to feel more beautiful always. Just remember, beauty isn’t about how you look to yourself and others, but how you think about yourself and others and how you make them feel.

Is there anything else that always makes you feel beautiful? Let us know in the comments below!
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