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8 Very Relatable Things All Hijabis Will Understand

8 Very Relatable Things All Hijabis Will Understand

These are all very relatable thing that most hijabis can understand. These confessions will give you more of an understanding of the Muslim culture.

Wearing a hijab is easy, all it is is a scarf around your head but it’s all the other things we have to deal with. If you are considered one of the¬†hijabis then you know what I mean when I say there are a lot of pros and cons to wearing it and here are a few you’ll totally get.

1. The questions we get asked are crazy

For some reason people ask us the weirdest questions ever like were from a whole other planet. “Do you sleep in it?”, “do you shower with it on?”, “why don’t you take it off?”, “were you forced to wear it?”. No most of us weren’t forced, yes sometimes I don’t want to wear it and honestly the first thing most hijabis do when they get home is take it off and let their hair down.

2. We all have days we really don’t want to wear it

Sometimes we have those days when our hair is looking so good, our outfit is great and our make up is flawless, but we don’t want to wear our scarf because it does change the way we look. But of course the whole point is to conceal our beauty so that people can see past it, that’s why most of us wear it even on the days we don’t feel like it.


3. We dye our hair all sorts of colours

I know hijabis who have dyed their hair all colours of the rainbow and this is a huge perk of wearing a hijab, no a lot of people will see what your hair looks like underneath so it doesn’t really matter. Especially if you go from brown to blonde, if it doesn’t suit you then it doesn’t matter because not many people will even know.

4. We get really weird tan lines

Aside from the fact that staying modest in summer is hard we also have to deal with the weird tan lines on our face because of our hijab. Hijabis all wear their scarfs differently so you might have a tan line half way down your forehead, another around the sides of your face or your face looking a completely different colour to your neck, this struggle is one all hijabis will understand.

5. We have no bad hair days… but we do have bad hijab days

People think we don’t understand what it’s like to have a bad hair day but we kind of do because we can have bad hijab days. Just like hair, our hijabs can have it out for us, sometimes they don’t go right as much as we want them to and we have to do it and start over like five times then end up giving up and leaving it how it is for the rest of the day.

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6. Winter is our favorite time of year

Winter is the best time to wear a hijab because it keeps your head warm during the whole day and it’s so much easier to dress modestly. Our hijab is like a little blanket to keep our heads and necks warm during the cold days, it’s also when we can snuggle up in oversize sweaters and not be judged for being completely covered.

7. We have hundreds of scarfs but always wear the same one

We have draws full of different scarfs in different materials and colours, but for some reason we always end up wearing the same black scarf everyday. It’s even worse when you have a sibling who wants to wear your favorite scarf because you can’t find another one and end up getting angry over the scarf.¬†


8. We’re not all perfect muslims

Hijabis will understand the pressure we’re under to represent our religion and people always expect us to be the perfect muslims but truth is we’re not. Wearing a hijab does not at all mean we are perfect, we sin the same as people who don’t wear hijabs and wearing a hijab does not make the sin worse. But also religion is not measured by what you wear, it’s about how you act, speak and treat other people and this is often ignored in all religions.

These are all very relatable thing that most hijabis can understand. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below!

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