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Here’s Some Easy Ways To Eat More Vegetarian And Vegan Foods

Here’s Some Easy Ways To Eat More Vegetarian And Vegan Foods

If you are looking for some ways to eat more vegetarian and vegan foods, check out these helpful tips on how to eat healthier more often!

Plant-based diets are becoming rapidly more popular, both for their health benefits and for positive effect they have on the environment. If you want to incorporate more vegetarian and vegan foods, it can seem difficult to know where to start, but there are actually some super simple ways to fit more of these kinds of foods into your diet. Here’s some easy ways to eat more vegetarian and vegan foods.

1. Make A Swap

An easy way to eat more vegetarian/vegan foods is just swap your non-plant based foods to plant-based alternatives. When you get milk, try getting soy, rice, oat, coconut or almond milk, swap out your meat for tofu alternatives or Quorn, and instead of using eggs in baking, use mashed banana, peanut butter or unsweetened applesauce. This way, you get to try out many plant-based alternatives and can find what you like without compromising your diet or going super out of your way to do so.

2. Do Your Research

If you love snacking, you may think that there aren’t any alternatives for your snacking foods. However, you may already be eating some foods that are vegetarian/vegan friendly! Here is an article on 13 surprisingly began foods that still taste amazing. This list, and others out there, will surprise you with what tasty foods you can still eat whilst eating more vegetarian/vegan foods. Plus, research vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants so you can easily order a plant-based meal whilst out with your friends.


3. Do It With A Friend

If you have a friend who is vegetarian/vegan, ask them their favourite vegetarian/vegan recipes, and talk to them about making the transition. If you have a friend who wants to eat more vegetarian/vegan foods as well then try to do this with them. This can help you keep each other on track as you’ll be less likely to back out if you’re sharing the experience with someone, and you can find fun alternatives and cook together.

4. Make Veggies A Focus In Your Meals

Sure, you could technically eat a vegan/vegetarian diet by just eating rice and potatoes every day, but this is in no way sustainable or healthy. Instead, learn to make fruits or vegetables the main stars of your meals, and if you really want a protein-filled alternative to some carbs, you can use loads of different types of beans. Of course, carbs are good for you and you definitely can still eat them, but eating lots of vegetables is important, especially when try to eat a vegetarian/vegan diet to make sure you;re getting all the nutrients you need.

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5. Eat More Soup

Soup is super filling, delicious and a great way to make a vegetarian/vegan meal without really even noticing that it is vegetarian/vegan. There are tons of amazing recipes online that you can make, and if you cook them in bulk you can freeze them, so you aways have a healthy and filling meal in the freezer.

6. Meal Plan

Meal planning is a super easy way to eat more vegetarian/vegan foods. If you meal plan, you can decide exactly what you’ll be eating for a week, so you plan to make and eat vegetarian/vegan meals as frequently as you want. In addition, since you’ll only be buying the ingredients needed to make this meals, you are less likely to slip up and eat something that isn’t vegetarian/vegan.

What are you tips for eating more vegetarian and vegan foods? Let us know in the comments!

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