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12 Vegan Restaurants In Liverpool That Taste Amazing

12 Vegan Restaurants In Liverpool That Taste Amazing

Want to find the best vegan restaurants in Liverpool? Discover our list of vegan restaurants i Liverpool. We assure they taste amazing!
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Nowadays, more and more restaurants are adapting their menus to make a place for vegans. That’s because, even if you’re not vegan yourself, almost everyone is sure to know someone or have a friend who is vegan. If you find yourself in Liverpool with a group of friends looking for some vegan options that taste amazing, here are some vegan restaurants in Liverpool for you. There’s everything from healthy options to junk food and everything in between — who said going vegan was boring?

1. Down the Hatch

There’s a common misconception that going vegan means giving up all your comfort food favourites. The people at Down the Hatch are putting an end to that myth by serving up all your junk food favourites, vegan style. Go here if you’re looking for a sloppy night of eating and drinking with friends, and don’t forget to try their burgers and cauliflower 5 ways!

2. Green Days Cafe

If you’re looking for straight-up, unpretentious vegan food, then Green Days Cafe is on e of the vegan restaurants in Liverpool for you. Their menu offers a simple selection of healthy sandwiches, juices and coffee. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, their pancakes and selection of baked goods are simply amazing.


3. Our Kitchen

If you’re looking for some healthy food in Liverpool but aren’t quite ready to go all-out vegan, then Our Kitchen would be one of the good vegan restaurants in Liverpool. This place offers food catered to both meat eaters and vegans, with plenty of tasty, healthy options in between.

4. The Egg Cafe

Here’s another cafe if you’re just looking for a cosy, vegan hangout in Liverpool. Although the name of the cafe may suggest otherwise, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan staples offered at this cafe. If you’re in the mood for some wraps, pasta or cupcakes, The Egg Cafe has got you covered.

5. White Wolf Kitchen

Are you in the mood for a serious health kick? Then White Wolf Yoga & Kitchen is the place for you. The kitchen serves plant-based fare focused on delivering high-quality nutrition. While this place is mostly focused on shakes and juices, you can also get some healthy soups, pancakes and raw cakes. Why not go all-out and book a yoga class in their studio as well?


6. Mowgli

Mowgli Street Food would be the perfect place to go for an amazing feast for friends. There are plenty of vegan, meat and even gluten free options for everyone, so you’re sure to find something that suits everyone’s fancy. This place offers not only colourful food, but a truly amazing (yet casual) dining experience. Don’t miss out on their Mowgli Chip Butty.

7. Izakaya 

Sushi for everyone! This restaurant takes a detour from the traditional image of vegan food, and offers vegan options for Japanese cuisine favourites. This is another restaurant that doesn’t serve solely vegan food, so if you’re with some picky eaters, you’re sure to still find something that tastes amazing.


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8. Lunya

Who says vegans can’t have tapas? The folks at Lunya certainly disagree. This Catalan Deli offers sumptuous platters of food for meat eaters and vegans, so everyone can join in on the fun. Treat yourself and go for the vegan paella — you won’t regret it!


9. Love Thy Neighbour

This Liverpool hangout has got you covered no matter what time of day you’re craving vegan food. Start your day right with a smoothie bowl or pancakes, or stop by in the evening for some cocktails and sides. With so many amazing options, you’re sure to be back again and again. Oh, and did I mention this place will look great on your insta?

10. Maray

Maray is the perfect place for vegans looking for a chill night out in Liverpool. With a great cocktail selection and vegan small plates that taste amazing, Maray is one Liverpool restaurant you can’t miss.

11. Santa Maluco

Among the vegan restaurants in Liverpool, this restaurant may not be vegan all week, but if you find yourself randomly craving pizza on a Monday, then pop in for one of their Meatless Monday options. This is a place where you can take your friends to prove that vegan pizza really isn’t all that bad.


12. Chicha

In the mood for some bold, spicy food? Or maybe you just want to branch out and try a new cuisine? Chicha, a Peruvian restaurant, would be a great option for you. If you’re looking for some fun and flavourful food and an all-around loud experience, then definitely sample their dishes!

Do you know of any vegan restaurant in Liverpool that taste AMAZING? Let us know in the comments!

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