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10 Vegan Food Places To Check Out In Brighton

10 Vegan Food Places To Check Out In Brighton

Brighton has some of the best vegan restaurants in the UK. Whether you're visiting or a resident, vegan or non vegan, these 10 food places are definitely worth checking out.

Whether you’re vegan, or just aspiring o be vegan, Brighton is an awesome place you need to go to quench all of your cravings. If you’ve a Brighton resident then will probably be some gems in here you haven’t yet tried. If you’re not, then these will likely be new to you, but whether you’re viewing the city with fresh eyes or not, these food places are 100% must eats!

1.  V-Bites

Based near to the sea front. V-bites offers a range of no meat meats, and other delicious treats. You may of seen the V-bites brand around in places like Holland and Barrett. But this cutesy little cafe is the real deal. There menu ranges from Sunday roasts to kebabs, to smoked salmon. They also do great little treats like ice cream and chocolates. Its definitely up there in my lists of meat alternatives.

Location: The Pipeline, 6 Little E St.


2. Happy Maki

Okay so this one is going to take a little imagination. First clear your mind. Now, think sushi, with all the delicious friend tofu flavours, sauces, veggies, rice and seaweed. Mmm. Now, think burrito. If you’re confused, go check it out its awesome, if you kinda get t go check it out anyway it will completely surprise you. Its a little hard to find, but stay committed because its completely worth it. They have a number of flavour combos, my personal favourite is the hoison duck sushi wrap, but the others are a close call. This place is 100% vegan so you’re free to choose anything your heart desires, and there’s not much seating, so i recommend choosing your sushi wrap then sitting on the beach to munch away while you watch the waves.

Location: 8 Pool Valley, Brighton

3. Hope & Ruin

The Hope & Ruin, is essentially, hmm how do i put this.. a very weird, freaky yet really cool pub. Its normally pretty packed in the evening with drinkers from all over the city, and the visiting ones, since its very close to the station, indulging in the variety of craft beer, ale and live music this place offers. However if you go around lunch time its a vegans paradise. There are usually a range of brownies, alongside a wide range of vegan hot dogs and loaded fries. Its the perfect place for a bingey hangover or a ‘treat yo self’ kinda day. Its the definition of filth but i love it anyway!


Location: 11-12 Queens Rd, Brighton

4. Wai-Kika-Moo-Kau

This is hands down one of my favourite places to eat in Brighton. The vibe is calm and cosy, and the food selection is define. Its excellent value for money, considering how much food you actually get – which is a lot! i recommend going here when you’re HUNGRY. In order to be filled right up and satisfied. Its located at the start of the lanes,so perfect after a full day shopping. The type of food feels very much like luxury home cooking, there’s dishes like chilli, burritos, soup, breakfasts etc, alongside yummy milkshakes, smoothies and cakes. The Flavours are authentic and unique, and theres truly no other place like this.

Location: 11A Kensington Gardens, Brighton


5. Pompoko

So Pompoko was always my favorite drunken night out, on my way home, sort of food, mainly due to its location, between many pubs and bars. Its not completely vegan, so there’s something for everyone, but there’s so many vegan options. The food is Japanese, and there’s a wide range of options. Its a very small restaurant with not many tables, so consider yourself lucky if you do get a seat, but either way it still travels well, so don’t worry about taking it away. There are many delicious tofu dishes, just remember to request no egg. Its also incredibly reasonably priced, so treat your self to a starter. OH and if you do get that seat, its BYOB, so even more savings!

Locataion: 110 Church St, Brighton.

6.Be Fries

Be Fires, is great for any occasion, any time of day. Plus, if you’re like me, and would give your left leg for some good fries, you’ll be in heaven. This are probably the best fries I’ve ever eaten, the Belgians really know how to fry a frie. In addition they have so many sauces, vegan and non vegan, ranging from vegan sauces, pesto sauces, curry sauces, tomato sauces. Its just so yummy. Also don’t be afraid to ask for a few samples. This is the most important decision of your life so choose wisely. Having said that I’ve tried around 15 different sauces and they’re all delicious!


Location: 46 West St, Brighton

7. Pizza Face

Okay, so PizzaFace is another, not strictly veggie or vegan place. Despite this though, they serve a number of vegan pizzas and have their own specific vegan menu. You can eat in or order,and theres a few locations you can go. Alongside a wide range of yummy pizza’s, with some of the best dairy cheese alternatives to exist, they also have a range of vegan sides such as greek salads, garlic breads, and puddings.

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Location: 1 Coleridge St,Hove / 35 St Georges Rd, Kemptown

8. Foodillic

Foodillic is a cheap and cheerful, casual, buffet style restaurant, that has a range of salads, pastas, pastries, soups, and more. Its a great place if you want something seemingly healthy, aswell as very filling. Its not 100% vegan as there are some veggie options, but there are many vegan options available. Its a great place to grab a healthy lunch, or have a quick catch up with your bestie.

Location: 60 North St, Brighton.


9. We Love Falafel

This might be a brash statement, however its true none of the less. This place has the best falafel i have ever eaten. Its located in the lanes, and has a lot of competition in the area, however there is no place better than this. You can choose whether you want a wrap or salad bowl, and there’s a variety of yummy combinations – for veggies and vegans, that will keep you wanting more. Its also very reasonably priced, and you get a lot of food, so awesome value for money!

Location: 37 Sydney St, Brighton.

10. Loving Hut

The Loving Hut is a 100% Vegan restaurant, which serve a range of Asian inspired foods, as well as a variety of burgers, toasties, panini’s and other dishes with gorgeous meat and cheese alternatives. Its a very cute vibe and in the summer has a awesome ice cream selection. If you’re in Brighton its a definate hot spot for when you’re shopping in the lanes, or just having a wonder.


Location: 48 Gardner St, North Laines.

These are just a few of my select favourite vegan hangout spots in Brighton. Let us know yours in the comments below!

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