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Vegan Clothes: What’s This About?

Vegan Clothes: What’s This About?

Vegan Clothes are the next step to changing the environment for the better, and still being a fashion queen. But what does vegan clothes mean?

Vegan Clothes are the next best thing when taking your step to helping save the animals. So many items of clothing have traces of animal in there, and they’re easily missed if you’re not checking your labels. I know you’re probably thinking, but clothes aren’t edible, so why are they vegan? Veganism is something to be taken seriously, it isn’t a diet of choice is a new lifestyle that can change your life and the lives of animals for the better. It’s all about protecting the animals, and avoiding the use of animal products so that means finding vegan alternatives or i guess, making your own if you’re creative with things. If you’re intrigued by veganism I think maybe the food will be your first step to getting into the swing of it, and then gradually bring yourself into the rest. 

Vegan Clothes: What’s This About?

What is it?

Of course, it is obvious that vegan clothing is clothing that is made without any animal products. I know you must be thinking, animals in clothes? Crazy, right? It’s not just leather, and fur you need to watch out for. Here are some of the things to avoid if you want to have a vegan wardrobe.  

  • Leather 
  • Fur 
  • Silk 
  • Feathers 
  • Bone 
  • Horn 
  • Shell 
  • Wool 
  • Cashmere 
  •  Shearling  
  • Angora  
  • Shahtoosh 
  • Snakeskin 
  • Suede (microsuede is safe)  
  • Down 
  • Pashmina 
  • Mohair

It’s shocking and definitely unbelievable that animal products are lurking in so many different parts of our wardrobes, but there are many great clothing brands for you to jump onto this and off that one. 

Why Vegan Clothing? 

 Because vegan clothing is all about ensuring that no animals are harmed during the process of making the shirts that go on our backs. Raising animals just for clothing is cruel and harmful to the environment. Even ‘humanely raised’ animals are kept in captivity their entire lives, and slaughtered before they would’ve died naturally out of captivity. So, is any animal-based material truly humane? 

Ditching the use of animal materials seems more extreme than it actually is, it’s so beneficial. Wool is the worst when it comes to animal material. Sheep are put through something called Mulesing. ‘Mulesing is the practice of removing this excess skin round a sheep’s backside. To leave it there can allow feces to build up and maggots to literally infect and even kill the sheep, so mulesing is a practice of cutting off the wool and skin of young sheep’s behinds. This is almost always done without painkillers. Raw tissue is exposed, and the injury can cause a lifetime of pain.’ If we want to help animals and protect them from these kinds of dangerous, we need to stop exploiting them for the sake of a good piece of clothing. Changing what we put on our bodies is just as important as changing what we put into our bodies. 


Vegan Clothes: What’s This About?


Where to find Vegan Clothing? 

Shopping vegan sounds like a big hassle, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Just look for natural, plant-based fabrics like cotton, linen and hemp. Synthetics are also animal-friendly alternatives to leather, wool, and silk. Mainstream brands usually have vegan clothing and accessories so don’t fret, just keep checking those labels. You can most likely find vegan clothes in any place you look hard enough but keep checking those labels. Here are a few places that sell vegan alternatives: Alternative Outfitters (All Vegan), Vegan Chic, Bead & Reel, Etsy, Mod Cloth, Grape Cat and Lookie Lou. Start your venture into the world of vegan clothing with just a few clicks, begin that lifestyle transition. It’s a hard one, but it’s worthwhile in the long run when you realise the difference you’re making. Vegan clothes can still be perfect for us fashion queens, but animals do not need to suffer so that we can wear certain things. Vegan clothes are what we need to be wearing people, so change your lifestyle. 

Vegan Clothes: What’s This About?

Let’s talk Veganism

Do you wear vegan clothes only? Let’s discuss in the comments places you recommend buying the nicest vegan clothes, and how it has changed your life wearing animal-friendly materials only. Let’s talk veganism! 

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