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15 Vegan Chocolate Treats You Need To Try Now

15 Vegan Chocolate Treats You Need To Try Now

Whether you're currently a vegan and miss eating chocolate or thinking about becoming a vegan, these vegan chocolate treats will be sure to satisfy!

So you’ve gone vegan but you miss chocolate. Or you want to go vegan but are worried about not being able to have chocolate. Or maybe you have a vegan friend who just really deserves chocolate! Whichever it is, navigating the chocolate aisle for vegan treats can be pretty damn complicated to say the least. To save you hours of checking ingredients lists, I’ve done the work for you. Here are the top 15 vegan chocolate treats money can buy!

1. Stick with what you know with Cadbury’s Bournville.

Yep, that’s right, Bournville is totally vegan. Even though this is a dark chocolate, this vegan chocolate treat still has that rich, creamy taste that every chocolate bar should aspire to. The good news is that you can find Bournville pretty much anywhere, from supermarkets to down the corner shop.

2. Like your vegan chocolate flavoured? Try Green & Blacks.

Green & Blacks have some of the best flavoured chocolates out there. Their mint chocolate is a common favourite among vegans, and they also have ginger chocolate and chocolate with hazelnut and currents. But which to choose??


3. For those fancy occasions, go for a box of Booja Booja.

Booja Booja are basically the kings of vegan truffles. (Note: these are also gluten free!) You can find Booja Booja’s standard hazelnut truffles in most supermarket’s “Free From” section. Holland and Barrett usually has a little more variety with espresso truffles and rum and raisin truffes. If you want to get super fancy, go online or to a vegan store to find speciality truffles in flavours from champagne to rhubarb and vanilla. Sound too good to be true? I’m not even done. Booja Booja also has a range of vegan ice creams, with vegan chocolate flavours including Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle, Hunky Punky Chocolate and Chocolate Salted Caramel. Holland and Barrett usually stock a selection of these too.

4. Need a box of chocolates that won’t break the bank? Try Elizabeth Shaw.

These are available at most large supermarkets and are the perfect vegan chocolate box for when you want to treat someone but don’t have the funds necessary to splash out on Booja Booja. These mint crisp chocolates are delicious and still have the hint of luxury that comes with individual gold wrapping.

5. For an award-winning vegan chocolate experience, grab a Vego bar.

A hot favourite amongst the vegan community, the Vego bar is famously creamy. Imagine if Nutella was made into a chocolate bar with added whole hazelnuts… well it’s happened, and it’s totally vegan. For a chocolate bar that has the creaminess of a milk chocolate bar, Vego should be your number one choice. Vego bars are slowly coming into Holland and Barretts around the country, so keep an eye out.


6.  Missing Galaxy Cookie Crumble? Get your hands on this iChoc bar.

If you were a fan of the Galaxy Cookie Crumble chocolate bar during your pre-vegan days, we get it, that chocolate was totally delicious. However, you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out. This Choco Cookie iChoc vegan chocolate bar is the same idea but cruelty free. These bars are made with a rice milk recipe in order to make the chocolate creamy like milk chocolate. But wait – there’s more! iChoc makes tons of flavours, from White Nougat Crisp to Almond Orange. Get yourself to the Vegan Town website or a vegan shop to check out the full selection.

7. Love a good praline? This vegan chocolate from Rapunzel has your name on it.

Rapunzel’s Nirwana Vegan Praline is one of the best vegan chocolate bars on the market. Super creamy and deliciously nutty, this is a chocolate bar that could fool your non-vegan friends and relatives. If you used to be a fan of Ferrero Rocher then you will love this vegan chocolate alternative.


8. Love caramel? Head to Tesco… no, really.

Head to the “Free From” section of Tesco to find this little box of vegan chocolate fondant truffles. These truffles have deliciously caramel centres and won’t break your bank at only £2 a box.

9. Missing chocolate buttons? You don’t have to.

We praise the vegan Gods that these Dark Chocolate Giant Buttons from Montezuma’s are available in most large supermarkets. Deliciously rich, these vegan chocolate buttons are a grown-up upgrade to the ones you used to get from Cadbury’s.


10. For a chocolate so creamy you won’t believe it’s vegan, go to Waitrose.

This Single Origin Indian Ocean Dark Chocolate with coconut from Waitrose is truly the dark horse of this list. Although they have to call this a ‘dark’ chocolate bar because it doesn’t contain milk, this is one of the creamiest vegan chocolate bars I have ever tasted. After biting into it I went to double check the ingredients because I was sure it must contain milk. This is one vegan chocolate bar you won’t regret trying.

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11. Like exciting new flavours? Divine is the vegan chocolate for you.

With flavours including Pink Himalayan Salt and Mango and Coconut, you won’t get bored of this vegan chocolate. They also have more ordinary vegan chocolate bars that are just as good, with flavours including mint and just plain dark chocolate.


12. For an Italian vegan chocolate treat, try Pernigotti 1860.

Famously creamy, this vegan chocolate brand comes in bars as well as individually wrapped. Using hazelnuts to make their blend creamy, this is another top choice for Nutella fans.

13. For fans of chocolate orange, grab some Dark Orange Chocolate from The Co op.

This vegan chocolate bar isn’t too dark, and has just the right amount of orange. Get it in your local Co op for ultimate convenience.

14. Grab yourself a Fry’s Peppermint Cream down the newsagents.

Sometimes you just want to slip on your trackies and comfy shoes and nip down your local newsagents or corner shop for a chocolate bar. Well, you’re in luck. Both Fry’s Chocolate Cream and Fry’s Peppermint Cream bars are totally vegan, totally delicious, and totally on every chocolate counter! Who said being vegan had to be hard?


15. If you prefer to drink your chocolate, get some Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate.

Important note: Not Cadbury’s instant hot chocolate powder! (This contains milk.) We’re talking about the Drinking Chocolate that you stir into hot milk. Simply choose the plant milk of your choice (soya, oat, almond etc), and enjoy your indulgent vegan chocolate treat.

Have we missed any? Let us know your favourite vegan chocolate treats in the comments below!
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