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Valentine’s Day Movies To Watch This Year

Valentine’s Day Movies To Watch This Year

These Valentine's Day movies to watch this year will give you inspiration. Here are five films to get you in the Valentine's spirit.

Are you trying to get in the mood for Valentine’s day and want it to be extra special this year? Sick of watching the same chick flicks and want to get back to the old films? Take a peek at our top five favourite Valentine’s Day movies to watch this year to give you inspiration.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a movie about people’s interconnected lives and the meaning of love. Starring Jessica Alba and Bradley Cooper, it’s a must see for Valentines’! So get cosy and snuggle down with your love – even if your love is a cat and some Ben & Jerry’s. Starring Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts and more, this film is the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day plans.

Love Actually

Love Actually is one of our Valentine’s Day movies you should watch this year because it’s a heartwarming story about love and dating. Even though it’s set at Christmas time, the ultimate message of the story is about spending our time with the ones who mean the most to us. There are several different stories such as a husband who’s cheating on his wife and a singer who’s dying to be a number one hit. Full of laughs and tears, this film will have you in fits of laughter and in puddles of tears. Starring Hugh Grant, Keira Knighley, Rowan Atkinson, the beloved Alan Rickman and many more, this film is perfect for anyone who loves big story lines and even larger actors.


Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of our favourite Valentine’s Day movies to watch because first of all, you have Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts as leads (who’s better than that?!) and secondly, this love story is unique and inspiring. The film starts when Hugh Grant has his own travel bookshop and Julia Roberts comes in – she’s a big movie star and he instantly recognizes her. They go out for a few dates before the pressure of the media becomes too much and are forced to part ways.

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Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman isn’t your usual love story but it is a beautiful one – and stars Julia Roberts again. Roberts stars as a prostitute, trying to make money while Richard Gere hires her to spend the weekend with him. They soon fall madly in love and it’s a battle between worlds for them to keep together.


Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget Jones is another personal favourite because who doesn’t love a film with Mr. Darcy (AKA Colin Firth) in? Bridget is working with her boss, Hugh Grant, when she starts to fool around with him but soon realises it’s not all sunshine and roses when he’s around. Will Mr. Darcy save the day? Now, with three Bridget Jones films, you can have a Valentine’s Day movie marathon.

We hope you find the perfect Valentine’s Day movies this year! Whether you’re alone, with a partner or having a movie night with the cat.
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