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UV Nail Polish May Be The Coolest Thing Ever And Here’s Why

UV Nail Polish May Be The Coolest Thing Ever And Here’s Why

If you have not tried uv nail polish, you need to immediately! There are so many benefits to the nail polish you will absolutely love it!

If you’re a big fan of a mani-pedi, then UV nail polish (otherwise known as gel polish), might be something for you to try. Gone are the days of hunching over your nails for hours only for them to chip immediately after application. Gel nail polish uses a UV or LED light to set it on your nails, and will last for up to three weeks! If that’s not enough to convince you, here are the reasons why UV nail polish may be the coolest thing ever.

1. It lasts for ages

As mentioned, UV nail polish will stay intact for up to three weeks on your nails depending on what formula you choose. If you have more sensitive nails, you may have to opt for a weaker formula, but this will still hold for 7-14 days!

2. It has a prettier finish

If you’re after a shiny, smooth finish without any visible streaks, then UV nail polish is the way to go. The UV light “cures” the gel polish so that it sets completely to one even, shiny coat.


3. It covers your entire nail

When you hand-paint your nails, there are usually some slivers of nail left untouched on either side of your nail. This is because it is hard to be extremely precise when doing things by hand. However, this can leave your nail looking super slim and unnatural. With the use of UV nail polish, you can get an even coat over the entire width of your nail.

4. It takes half the time of a regular manicure

One of the worst things about getting a manicure is the sheer amount of time it takes! It not only takes ages to apply, it takes even longer to dry. With UV nail polish, you can cut the time spent on your nails in half, and spend your time on other things.

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5. It makes use of your natural nails

Unlike acrylic nails which actually look kind of nasty, UV nail polish makes use of the natural length and shape of your nails. The best part is that you won’t have to fumble around with ultra-long claw nails.

6. It encourages healthy nail habits

Gel polish shouldn’t be applied back to back as it can unfortunately damage your nails if you use it too much and too often. It is also encouraged that you give your nails some extra TLC between manicures — that means strengthening them, leaving them bare, and moisturising your cuticles. This is actually a good thing as it encourages you to take better care of your nails than you normally would!

Will you try UV nail polish? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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